The Best Dog Harnesses For Your Pet

To celebrate National Walk Your Dog Month, we’ve rounded up the
best dog harnesses for each type of walker. From escape artists to leash
pullers and everything in between, you’ll find the right harness for your dog
on this list!

Best no-pull harness

Even if your dog isn’t choking themselves when they pull, over time there is potential for injury to you both. To get their pulling under control and make your walks more enjoyable, try using the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness. This harness is recommended by dog trainers because of its two connection points – one on the chest and one on the back. This gives you the flexibility to choose the attachment that suits your dog’s walking style or use a two-point leash for maximum control. Plus, if your dog tends to chew things they’re not supposed to, this harness comes with a chewing replacement warranty.

Best choke-free harness

Some dogs get so excited about their walks that they nearly choke themselves as they try to explore their surroundings as quickly as possible. If this sounds familiar, what you need is a choke-free harness like Gooby’s Perfect Fit X Harness. The X-shaped design of this harness means that when your dog pulls, the pressure is put on their chest instead of their neck. This is especially important for brachycephalic breeds like French Bulldogs and Pugs, who are at risk of severe respiratory distress if too much pressure is put on their airways. This harness is available in sizes small to large, is made of lightweight mesh, and allows dogs to step into it rather than have it pulled over their head.

Best harness for hiking

If your dog needs a harness that can withstand regular use in rugged terrain, look no further than RUFFWEAR’s Front Range Dog Harness. Made from a durable shell fabric and reinforced webbing, it’s perfect for dogs who love to walk off the beaten path. The harness has four different points of adjustment and foam padding that ensure a comfortable fit, regardless of how long it is worn. If you plan on doing any hiking in low light, you can rest assured the reflecting accents will make sure your dog is visible. There’s even places to attach a special light, which is sold separately.

Best harness for early
morning and night walks

Do your regular walking times tend to be before the sun rises, after the sun sets, or both? Then you’ll want to find a harness that maximizes your dog’s visibility. A great option is the Noxgear Lighthound Reflective Dog Harness. This light-up harness offers 360 degree visibility and lets you cycle through eight solid colors and six multicolor flashing and slow fading color modes. In fact, the lights on the harness are visible from over half a mile away! Our favorite feature of this harness is that it can be used in addition to any other harness your dog already uses – it simply slides over the existing one!

Best escape-proof

Have a certified Houdini on your hands? See if they can find their way out of the Cosy Meadow Escape Proof Dog Harness. The reason this harness is so great for escape artists is the position of the chest strap – having the chest strap secure below the rib cage makes it harder for them to get their elbows under and wiggle their way out. The sturdy safety handle on the back also helps you gain immediate control of your dog while training or in the event of an emergency. Available in small to extra large, this harness is perfect for dogs of any shape or size.

Once you’ve chosen the type of harness you want, the next step
is to take your dog’s measurements. For the safety and comfort of your dog the
harness must fit without any pressure sitting on their throat or neck. Each
harness will have their own measurement requirements outlined in a measuring
guide, but most ask for the chest, neck, and back.

If you’ve never used a harness before, it can take some time for
both of you to adjust to this new way of walking but over time you’ll see a
huge improvement in your daily walks!


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