The Doctor Is In – Introducing Dr. Aziza Glass to the Freshpet Family

Big news! Our Freshpet family is growing. We’re excited to share that Dr. Aziza Glass is joining us as a veterinarian pet expert. Dr. Aziza’s approach to animal health compliments our mission to revolutionize the way pets are fed. In her personal practice, she combines Eastern and Western medicine practices to treat the whole animal, focusing on their entire well-being, and helping them live their happiest, healthiest lives. Welcome to Freshpet, Dr. Aziza!  

by Dr. Aziza Glass, Freshpet veterinarian pet expert 

Freshpet, and hey everyone! It’s great to have a chance to share a bit about
myself, my background, and why I’m excited to work with Freshpet.

always believed that you should surround yourself with good people, and with
the Freshpet team, I know I’m in great company. It’s a real honor in my
professional career to be able to team up with a brand that champions fresh pet

became a veterinarian because of a deep love and curiosity for animals and
science.  I spent a good part of my
childhood convincing my parents that we needed pets in our home! In fact, some
of my favorite memories growing up are of me and my dad routinely watching our
weekly animal documentaries together. He nurtured my curiosity and my desire to
pursue this path, but my parents never did share that same enthusiasm for all
the animals I wanted to add to the family.

passion eventually led me to Prairie View A&M University and later Cornell
University with extended learning opportunities at MIT and NASA’s Johnson Space
Center – even a short stint on NatGeo Wild’s “Vet School”. Although my practice
is rooted in Western medicine, I take a more integrative approach to treating
pets. Seeing firsthand the impact that Eastern medicine practices, like
acupuncture and food therapy, has on our pets, I incorporated that into my own

started my own practice in 2018, calledPersonal
Touch Veterinary Clinic
. It’s a
mobile practice that focuses on tailoring medicine and treatment to mainly
dogs, cats, and even a few horses too. One of the most unique things about
having a mobile practice is just how intimate it can be to treat pets within their
homes. You’d be surprised by how many dogs love an acupuncture session. I know
the pets and their parents appreciate not having to deal with the anxiety of
hospital visits or car rides.

As a vet that advises pet parents every day, I believe that Freshpet’s approach to fresh, quality food is spot on. You’ll hear more from me in the coming months about the real benefits of fresh food and how it far outweighs the convenience of dry kibble. It’s something I want all pet parents to understand, and it’s one of the reasons why I am excited to work alongside Freshpet. They truly care about the entire well-being of the animal.


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