The Human-Animal Bond — Treating with Purpose

Every day our dogs are by our side through the many ups and downs of life. They are there for our most cherished memories like birthdays, graduations, reunions and the much-loved annual family road trip. They also see some of our hardest moments and through thick and thin they know how to put a smile on our faces.

The bond between a human and their dog is unbreakable, and that’s why it’s important to give your dog the happiest, healthiest life possible. From taking them on long walks — to the food you give your dog, it is important to know what is best and safest for your dog at all life stages. To know what is best, it’s good to look to veterinarians board certified in their specialty for guidance.

Everyone desires to give their dog a high-quality life, so why not start with a high-quality dog treat? Yummy Combs is the next generation of superior dental treats that focuses on not only ORAL CARE but also NUTRITION, EASE OF USE and SAFETY (The ONES).

Yummy Combs’ revolutionary and patented honeycomb design is able to get right to the gumline, flossing, scrubbing, and clearing out tartar for a 360° clean! Did you know that studies document that 80% of dogs over the age of 3 have some form of gum disease? Yet only 20% of the owners were aware that their dog was suffering!

Our treats are jam-packed with wellness ingredients and 44% superior protein to help build muscle and support your dog’s vital organs. The high protein means low starch. High starch leads to weight gain and obesity—the #1 nutritional issue of dogs. Veterinary assessments document that 55% of dogs are overweight, many obese. Yet only 20%of owners acknowledge that their dog is overweight.

Yummy Combs is not only focused on providing a dental treat that works, but also one that is safe. Many treats and bones are potential safety hazards and can cause choking and even intestinal blockages. Yummy Combs’ shape deters gulping and choking, and they are designed to dissolve rapidly to eliminate the potential for intestinal blockages and expensive trips to the vet.

Along with the endless health and safety benefits of Yummy Combs dental treats, dogs love them! Once they’ve tried Yummy Combs, watch your dog dance every day for their favorite new healthy treat! So, remind your dog that they’re a good boy or pretty girl with the best dental treat on the market that is good for them inside and out. Dogs love the taste; owners value the results.

Learn more about the Yummy Combs story and where to find this new innovative treat. Visit WWW.PETSBESTLIFE.COM.

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