The Joy of Spring Dog Walks

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Pet Products, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.

Working from home, it’s easy for me to sit at the computer and work…and work. But twice a day, every day, rain or shine, my two furry personal trainers give me a nudge and remind me to step away from the computer and take them for a springtime dog walk!

Dog walks are great exercise for me as well as for Tiki and Barli–but I want them to be more than that. I want each walk to be a time when I put aside the concerns of the day, even just for half an hour, and reconnect with the dogs. A time to get out and enjoy the season while showing the dogs just how much they mean to me.

I keep my dog walking bag packed and hanging by the front door, along with the dog leashes, so that I’m always ready to go on the morning dog walk (usually right after breakfast) and the evening dog walk. Currently our evening walk is taken as soon as the dogs wake up from their afternoon nap but, as summer approaches, it gets rescheduled for after dinner.

Along with my phone, poop bags and hand sanitizer, I always carry dog treats on every walk, using them to reward good behavior, redirect the dogs if they’re distracted by a truck delivery or a barking dog and just to treat them when we stop to enjoy a quiet moment together.

I just had the chance to try two brand-new products available at Walmart and made in the USA Nudges® Protein Biscuits and Nudges® Jerky Chews.

Nudges® Protein Biscuits are crunchy biscuits that make a quick treat for your dog. Each all-natural protein biscuit–in either the chicken or beef variety–is made with real USA protein as the #1 ingredient; they contain NO wheat flour.

To top it off, the chicken biscuits are cut into a cute hen shape while the beef biscuits are, you guessed it, shaped like a cow.

The biscuits are easy to break into smaller pieces for small dogs or as training treats for larger dogs like ours.

On afternoon walks when the temperature is over 90 degrees, Tiki often prefers to stay home in the AC so Barli and I walk alone, a good time for me to refresh his training with some requests for stops, sits, “watch me” commands and downs a couple of times along the walk.

Sometimes we take a break halfway through the walk and just sit and listen to the birds–or take a moment to be still and see the wildflowers surrounding us. It’s the perfect time for a quiet treat and a moment together.

Of course, there are days when the dog walk gets shortened or postponed due to a conference call or work deadline.

For those days, I’m glad to have the new all-natural Nudges® Jerky Chews, also available at Walmart and Again, these new chews are made in the USA using US chicken–and made without rawhide or fillers. 

The dual texture chew–a chicken chew wrapped in chicken jerky–keeps your dog occupied and happy while you tend to business.

Tiki and Barli were big fans!

Spring makes a great time to get out and walk your dog–and make memories at the same time. Even the simplest walk around the block is a reminder that our dog walks provide us, not just exercise and stress reduction, but the opportunity to concentrate solely on our dogs for a few precious minutes…because that’s what best friends do!


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