The ONLY Dog Treats Formulated for Your Dog’s Temperament (Try the Pet Health Assessment Today!)


Discover how Eastern Food Therapy and the right ‘temperature’ dog treats can improve your dog’s temperament and well-being.

You already know how important it is to feed your dog clean food that’s right for the body. But what about food and treats that are right for your dog’s temperament? When you combine Eastern Food Therapy and modern nutrition science, you get food that balances and nourishes both!

Eastern Food Therapy and Your Dog

Eastern Food Therapy (EFT) is a 5,000-year-old approach to diet that uses food to balance and heal the body. According to EFT, you, your dog, and the foods you both eat have a ‘temperature.’ This can be Warm, Cool, or Neutral. 

When you know your dog’s ‘temperature,’ you can find the RIGHT food and treats that will bring their health and temperament back into balance!

Let’s Find Out Your Dog’s ‘Temperature!’

Is your dog often aggressive or irritable? Their ‘temperature’ is likely Warm.

Is your dog usually lazy and lethargic? Their ‘temperature’ is likely Cool.

Is your dog generally happy and energetic? Their ‘temperature’ is likely Neutral.

The Right ‘Temperature’ Treats for Your Dog

Warm dogs need Cooling food and treats to help bring them back into balance. Examples of Cooling foods include rabbit, duck, duck liver, duck neck, spinach, celery, and kelp.

Cool dogs need Warming food to help balance them. Those foods include chicken, chicken hearts, lamb, eggs, pumpkin seeds, turmeric, quinoa, and coconut oil. 

Neutral dogs are considered healthy and balanced. This means they can eat Warming and Cooling food, as well as Neutral food like beef, bison, beef heart, beef liver, pork, salmon, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, sweet potato, nutritional yeast, and sesame seeds. 

Once you start feeding your dog food and treats that are the proper ‘temperature,’ behavioral and health problems improve because your pup is getting what their body needs. 

Eastern Food Therapy Made Easy!

Want to make feeding your dog the right ‘temperature’ food and treats the easy way? Side By Side provides Warm, Cool, and Neutral dog food and treats. They’re made with the highest-quality, GMO-free ingredients that are freeze-dried to preserve maximum nutrients and improve convenience. 

Still unsure what ‘temperature’ your dog is? Take Side By Side’s Pet Health Assessment and eliminate the guesswork! Find out if your dog is Warm, Cool, or Neutral and learn the RIGHT food and treats to balance and nourish them inside and out. And don’t worry: our packaging is color-coded to make it simple to get the right food and treats every time. 

Discover what the right ‘temperature’ dog treats and food can do for your pup’s temperament and health!


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