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Top Dog Pumpkin Treats for Fall

While we wait for the weather to cool, we don’t have to wait for Fall’s pumpkin goodness to appear, especially when it comes to dogs and dog treats.  Take a look at this 2021 Fall Dog Pumpkin Treat list for some goodies to get your fur baby.

1. Wüfers Pup-kin Spice Box

Spoil Spot with the yummy Pup-kin Spice Box from Wüfers ( These delicious-looking dog pumpkin treats are made with locally-sourced human-grade ingredients and hand decorated. New for fall and now available here. $39.95.

2. Because, Animals Pumpkin Noochies

These plant-based dog cookies include every dog’s favorite pumpkin, plus applesauce ad Vermont Maple Syrup. That’s a fall food haul from Because, Animals. Pumpkin Noochies Organic dog Cookies also contain cinnamon and nutritional, making this dog pumpkin cookie treat not only good but good for your dog.  Check it out here.  $12.

3. Fruitables Skinny Minis

These dog pumpkin treats are delicious and mini, plus come in a variety of pumpkin flavors including Spooky Pumpkin Spice. They are Fruitables Skinny Minis and they also have Pumpkin & Mango and Pumpkin & Berry if your dog isn’t a pumpkin spice kind of pup. Grain free, made with superfoods and only 3 calories per treat! Find Fruitables at; the Spooky Pumpkin Spice is seasonal. $4.99.

4. Sugar-WOOF by Sugarwish

Wanting to send a dog lover like you sweet dog pumpkin treats for his furry pal? Try this gifting platform where the receiver of the gift chooses their favorites. There are many treats of various sizes and flavors and boxes come in Mini ($22) through X-Large ($77), including mini through XL. Yummy fall flavors incude Soft Turkey and Sweet Potato Ducks, Pumpkin Chewies, Sweet Potato and Honey Tiny Bones, Pumpking and Cranberry Tiny Bones, Ginger WF Pumpkins and Ginger Jumbo Pumpkins. Check out at

5. Greenies Pumpkin Spice Flavor

While you are slamming the pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, get your dog his own pumpkin spice treat. Dental treat Greenies has a Pumpkin Spice Flavor, which comes in teenie petite, regular and large. $17.99. Get it at

6. Blue Boo Bars

Dog missing summer? Cheer him up with Blue Buffalo’s crunchy dog biscuits called Boo Bars. They are made with pumpkin and cinnamon, along with oatmeal, barley, flaxseed and carrots. They come in spooky shapes like ghost, pumpkin and bat. $5.99 and available at

7. Zuke’s Mini Naturals

Zuke's Minis dog pumpkin treats are less than 3 calories each.

Perfect for fall trick, training and treating, these dog pumpkin soft mini treats are less than 3 calories each. The fun fall flavor is Turkey & Pumpkin, with turkey being the first ingredient. $6.29 for a 5-oz bag. Find at

8. Blue Dog Bakery Limited Edition Fall Pumpkin Treats

Blue Dog Bakery has several dog treats celebrating pumpkin.

Created especially for fall, Blue Dog Bakery has several dog treats celebrating pumpkin. First we have the small and crunchy Doggie Paws in pumpkin ($5.99), then the soft-baked  Pun’kin Softies ($5.99) and lastly the Harvest Bites ($5.99) training treats. Get these treats before the season ends at


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