These Floral Clips for Pets Make Lovely Gifts

Rebecca Ferreira and her dog Charlotte (this month’s cover dog!) caught Dogster art department’s eye not only for the adorable Instagram pic posts @apuppynamedcharlotte, but because of the beautiful hand-made felt floral accessories clipped to Charlotte’s collar. Of course, we all wanted to know where we could get one.

The answer is at, where Rebecca sells not only floral clips for pets, but incredibly realistic hand-cut and -painted felt bouquets and floral wedding accessories. And these flowers aren’t just for show — they give back. “I donate at least 5% of my proceeds to dog rescue, and I rotate which rescues I’m working with every two to three months,” Rebecca says.

floral clips for pets


“Additionally, I often give my prototypes away to dog-rescue foster parents or volunteer photographers to use for photos of foster dogs.”

Rebecca grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and was an elementary art teacher for over seven years there. With her degrees in art history and interior design, it’s not a surprise that she began to make felt flowers as a form of creative expression three years ago.

“I’ve basically started this from absolutely nothing,” Rebecca explains. “I created the propriety clip with a manufacturer and learned many lessons along the way. It brings me joy to see brides and their pups with their custom Rivington Rose flowers on their big day.”

In the next few years, Rebecca hopes to make more wedding bouquets and flower clips for “all the furry flower girls and furry best men.” She is looking forward to being challenged with custom requests, so she grows both as a business owner and an artist.

And — in her free time — she loves hiking with Charlotte. Follow Rebecca and her stunning creations on Instagram @rivingtonrose.

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