Tips For Moving With Kids & Pets

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Sooner or later, every family will be faced with a decision to move. Whether the move is your choice or something you must do for your job or financial reasons, your children – and even your pets — may have different reactions to the news. Here are a few tips to help with the transition.

Tips For Moving With Kids

House Hunt Together. It gives them a preliminary introduction to the neighborhood and makes them feel more a part of the decision process.

Revisit Favorite Places. Bringing your kids to their favorite neighborhood spots before moving away can be a great way for them to say farewell.

One Last Meal. Have one final meal together in your home and have each person take turns sharing a favorite memory of the house.

Stay Positive. Children often look to you for reassurance, so if you stay positive then they may also view the move as a good change.

Answer Their Questions. Answer any questions they may have as honestly as possible and expect both positive and negative reactions.

Set a Strategic Moving Date. Choose to move either during the summer or mid-winter so school isn’t disrupted.

Put Them First. Set up your child or teen’s new room first so that they can get settled. Encourage them to set up their room how they want it to ensure a smooth transition.

Tips For Moving With Pets

Pheromone Scent Diffuser. These emit calming animal pheromones that can help your pets feel right at home, even in an unfamiliar place.

Get Them Acclimated. Make sure your pet is well-accustomed to their crate before moving day to reduce stress for all involved.

Go For Walks. Walk your dog around the new neighborhood a couple times leading up to the move to get them familiar with the area.

Stick With The Known. Be sure that they have their favorite toy in the crate with them. Having something familiar is an important aspect to keeping pets relaxed.

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