Top 5 signs your dog needs ‘cooling’ food

Did you know that healthy dog food can be unhealthy for your dog if it’s not the right ‘temperature’? According to Eastern Food Therapy (EFT), some dogs need ‘warming’ food, others need ‘cooling’ food, and healthy dogs can eat ‘neutral’ food.

‘Temperature’ makes all the difference. Giving your dog the wrong ‘temperature’ food may lead to health and behavioral problems.

Here are the top 5 signs your dog needs a ‘cooling’ diet:

  • Excessive Panting
  • Frequent Itching
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • A Bright Red Tongue
  • Aggressive Temperament

Does your dog exhibit these signs? If so, your dog typically runs too ‘warm,’ which means they have too much yang energy in their body. In order to balance this out, your dog will benefit from foods with high yin, or ‘cooling,’ energy.

Here are just some of the ‘cooling’ foods that can help bring your dog’s body back into balance: rabbit, duck, duck liver, duck neck, pork heart, pollock, spinach, celery, kelp, apples, chamomile, chia seeds, barley, and alfalfa grass.

Adding more of these whole, clean, raw foods into your dog’s diet can help strengthen their immune system, counteract dry heat and inflammatory conditions, reduce and eliminate itching and panting, and make their digestion smoother.

How to feed your dog ‘cooling’ food the right way

Side by Side makes it easy to give your dog the right nutrition through their complete line of ‘warm,’ ‘cool,’ and ‘neutral’ dog food! Give your dog the ‘temperature’ dog food that is perfect for them. Side by Side is vet formulated and made with clean, whole, raw food ingredients that nourish and balance your dog’s body so that they can feel their best every day. And it’s freeze-dried to preserve as many nutrients as possible. In fact, the food is so wholesome that it doesn’t even need added vitamins or minerals!

To help you out even more, Side by Side’s food is color coded so you’ll always know you’re feeding your dog the right temperature:

  • ‘Warm’ food is pink
  • ‘Cool’ food is blue
  • ‘Neutral’ food is green

How do I know if my dog needs ‘cooling’ food?

If you aren’t sure what ‘temperature’ food your dog needs, take Side by Side’s patented Pet Health Assessment! This assessment will tell you if your dog is ‘warm,’ ‘cool,’ or ‘neutral’ and guide you to the right food ‘temperature’ for your furry friend!

Bring your dog back into balance so they can thrive! Start feeding your dog whole, clean food that’s the right ‘temperature’ today with Side by Side!


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