Top in-season fruits and veggies you can share with your dog

Top in-season fruits and veggies you can share with your dog

Want to offer your dog some of those in-season fruits and veggies you and your family love so much? Here’s a few that are chock full of healthy nutrients.

Whether you’re growing a garden or shopping at your local farmer’s market, you might be wondering whether certain in-season fruits and vegetables can benefit your dog. As it turns out, there are quite a few! Let’s take a look at which ones offer the most health-boosting properties for canines so you can start sharing the harvest!

Springtime asparagus

Just as it’s great for you, asparagus is very good for your dog. Offer it up raw, chopped into crunchy bite-size pieces to give your canine companion a bit of extra potassium, folate, and iron, plus some essential vitamins. A word of caution though: the inedible part of the asparagus plant, the “asparagus fern”, is toxic for dogs if they eat it and can result in stomach pain. So, if you’re growing asparagus in your garden, make sure your dog can’t get to it.

Transition into summer with fresh spinach

Spinach is one of a few crops that grows well in cooler weather, and it’s one of the first to arrive at the farmer’s market, too. Local food is not only fresh, but it supports local farmers and preserves our farms, which is especially important during the current pandemic.

The iron in spinach is good for your dog – and you. Let him try a few leaves raw when you’re making your salad, or give him a bit of sautéed spinach as a mix-in for his food. It’s all good!

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Summertime blueberries

True, blueberries can be purchased year-round in most locations. But if you’re picking them at a local grower’s or buying them from the farmer’s market, there’s a short window of opportunity! For dogs, blueberries serve as a quick, tasty treat. They’re brimming with antioxidants to help you and your pet stay healthy.

Beat the heat with watermelon

Dogs shouldn’t have a ton of sugar, but watermelon is a nice treat for a hot day, particularly if you freeze a few chunks and let your furry friend lap them up while relaxing in the shade. Save most of the melon for yourself – for dogs, a little watermelon goes a long way.

Autumn sweet potatoes

There’s a reason why many top dog food brands include sweet potatoes in their recipes: These root veggies are high in fiber to help your dog’s digestive system function smoothly, plus they’re an outstanding source of many essential nutrients. Best of all, they taste great!

Chilly days call for pumpkin

Pumpkins aren’t just for your favorite spiced latte. They’re also fabulous in baked goods and essential for making jack o’ lanterns! After your trip to the pumpkin patch, you’ll probably have some of that bright orange flesh left over!

Pumpkin is very good for dogs, especially dogs with sensitive stomachs or who are experiencing diarrhea. Due to its low glycemic index, it absorbs slowly, helping to soothe these types of digestive upsets. It also has lots of antioxidants and plenty of fiber. Some dogs like pumpkin raw, while others love it cooked. In case it’s not in season, you can offer your dog canned pumpkin for a tasty fiber boost.

Give them green beans anytime

Green beans are among a dog’s favorite vegetables – just remember to cook them first. Whether you’re picking them from your own garden or picking them up at the market, green beans are a great source of calcium, folic acid, potassium, and other essential nutrients that do your dog a world of good.


Final thoughts

These are just a few of the best in-season fruits and vegetables for dogs. Let your pet try other favorites like honeydew melon, lettuce, cantaloupe, kale and raspberries when they’re in season. At the same time, remember to research each new food you plan to offer your dog since some things aren’t beneficial, or might even be toxic.

With a little careful planning and extra effort put forth to shop locally, you and your dog can share lots of tasty (and healthy!) natural treats.


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