Top Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Rescue Pet

Thinking of welcoming a new dog or cat to your family, but can’t decide whether to go through a shelter or breeder? While both routes result in you getting an adorable new family member, adoption has so many more benefits for both you and your pet. Just take a look at five of the top reasons you should consider adoption:

You’re saving a life

One of the most important reasons to adopt a rescue pet is the fact that by doing so you’re saving a life. Unfortunately, the number of potential adopters doesn’t match the number of animals that come through the shelter system each year. This results in more than one million dogs and cats being euthanized in shelters each year in the United States alone. If more people considered adoption over purchasing a pet, these numbers could be drastically reduced. When you choose to adopt, you are giving them a second chance at life as well as opening up room in the shelter for other animals in need.

You’re providing a home suited to their needs

Before the adoption is finalized, you’ll go through a process with the shelter to ensure that you and your potential pet are the right match. This is especially important for special-needs animals or those with more complicated behavioral issues. While this process might seem excessive, it helps pets find the perfect home – one that’s committed and equipped to provide for them for the rest of their lives.

You can skip the training and housebreaking phase

Often through no fault of their own, countless adult animals are waiting to be adopted in shelters. These older pets are a great choice if you want to skip the training or housebreaking phase, as they’ve often mastered these skills in their previous homes. Even if an older pet needs a bit of a refresher on these skills, you won’t have to do it while managing the higher energy levels that come with puppies or kittens.

Your adoption fee helps the shelter

While most pets come with an adoption fee, the cost is much less than what you would spend if you went to a breeder. In addition to the cost of the pet itself, several additional fees can be expected in your pet’s first year of life including spaying or neutering, first vaccinations, and microchipping. Not to mention any surprise costs that come with training or housebreaking incidents – such as a new rug or extra cleaning products! Also, the adoption fees you pay goes right back into supporting the shelter you adopted from.

You’re supporting an important community organization

When you adopt, you’re supporting an important community organization. Shelters help get homeless pets off the street, where they struggle to find food and shelter and are more susceptible to injury and illness. Once in their care, shelter staff work to nurse the animals in their care back to help as well as tackle any behavioral problems that could impact their success in finding a home. Shelters also help curb the population growth by spaying and neutering all animals they adopt out. Plus, every time someone asks where you got your pet, you’re helping to promote shelters within your community.

When you open your home to an adopted pet, you are welcoming an animal that will give you an abundance of love and loyalty in return. If you’re not looking to adopt an animal at this time, you can still support your local shelter by donating or volunteering.


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