Updates for our Pet Parents from Co-Founder Scott Morris

We know how challenging it’s been for many of you to find Freshpet in the early months of 2021, so our Co-Founder has been sharing regular updates to keep pet parents informed on our progress. We’re working hard to get more food into your hands as quickly as possible, but for more detail please see Scott’s updates below.

Update: March 9 [LATEST]

Over the last six weeks, I’ve been providing updates on our social media channels about why you have seen so many out of stocks.  First, I want to apologize again as I know people count on us for their pets’ food, and we take that trust very seriously.  We’ve been working since 2019 to build our new Kitchens so we can cook more Freshpet and keep up with our growth.  Over the past year we got behind in opening that Kitchen – first having construction delays due to Covid in April, then with our team suffering the post-holiday Covid spikes that forced us to shut down lines periodically.
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Update: February 20

Fast growth, challenging times, and more food on the way every day
Hello – I hope you and your pets are safe, warm, and able to find some Freshpet. I’ve continued to read all the comments you’re posting. I’m glad many have been finding Freshpet, and understand your frustration if you have not. I truly feel terrible we haven’t been able to keep our fridges full; we are working so hard to make more.
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Update: February 1

Hello, I hope you and your pets are safe and finding more Freshpet.  I promise we’re all working harder than ever to make more of our food so that everyone can get what they need. 

I want you to know I’ve read all 1,500+ comments on my last note, and we have been responding to any of you that need more information.  We truly appreciate your support of our food and our company.  It’s super special to hear so many kind words and how you are cheering for us.  It’s also good to see that many of you are finding fuller fridges.  I am sorry if you have not been able to find the Freshpet foods you want, but more is coming.
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Update: January 18

We started Freshpet in 2006 to bring fresher, healthier and less-processed food to pets and pet parents.  Every year since 2006, we have grown thanks to pets and people liking our products.  2020 was no exception; we grew at an even faster rate than ever before.  We are proud that people love our products, but that comes with a big responsibility to keep making enough. 
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