We’ve Updated the Pet Holiday Calendar!

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OK, is it just me…or is it really hard to believe that 2021 is right around the corner? I have to admit that 2020 has been a looooong year but, at the same time, many of the “mile markers” we rely on as we move through the year were missing the past eight months. We’ve had no trips to the beach to mark summer, no vendor events to mark the fall. But, whether is seems like it or not, 2021 will be here soon!

We’ve just redone our Pet Holiday Calendar page with 2021 dates (you’ll find them just beneath the remaining 2020 dates). This year we’ve added quite a few new pet holidays, from special breed-specific days to fun commemorations like Snoopy’s Birthday.

We are at work on a downloadable PDF version of the calendar but, before we get that set, we want to check with YOU to see if we’ve missed any of your favorite pet holidays! If we’ve missed any holidays, please leave us a comment below!


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