What Are the Different Mystery Snail Colors?

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Making your choice for Mystery Snail Colors can be tough with all the available options. But don’t worry, I’m here to help!

Depending on the aesthetic you’re going for, you’ll need to consider the various hues of mystery snails. Mystery snail varieties come in various colors, including gold, blue, black, brown, ivory, etc.

The fascinating thing about mystery snail colors is that they can often change! So if you see a Mystery Snail you like, don’t hesitate to scoop it up!

In this article, I’ll review the different colors of mystery snails to make your decision easier.

What Are the Types of Mystery Snail Colors?

The scientific name for mystery snails is pomacea bridgesii. These creatures have striking color variations, including the shell and the body. There are options like the dark chestnut snail, dark-bodied gold snail, dark-bodied striped gold snail, and dark-bodied striped olive snail types. 

Apparently, these delightful colors are usually the result of a mutation in genes that produce pigmentation.

Thus, depending on the Mystery Snails’ body parts, their colors will be different, as follows:

Shell Colors

The shell color of a mystery snail is the primary source of its overall color and has four hues: yellow, green, purple, and white (ivory). What’s even better, some snails come with two primary pigments. The variety of colors makes the shell unique.

For example, a snail can have yellow pigment as the base and purple stripes at the same time.

This creates a Mystery Snail with a very pretty, unique yellow shell with brown spots.

Body Colors

Most mystery snails have at least one dark pigment or purple stripes, giving them a dark or colorless (albino) appearance. However, albino mystery snails usually don’t have any white pigment in their bodies. 

Instead, they have a greenish or yellowish tinge to their color, with the primary hue concentrated in little patches. Colored snails, like Blue snails, are ideal for all snail lovers.

What Are the Basic & Common Mystery Snail Colors?

Due to the wide range of colors that Mystery Snails can have, it’s hard to pinpoint which ones are the most common. However, I’ve compiled a list of colors you will likely find when shopping for Mystery Snails.

Purple Mystery Snail

Purple Mystery Snail

The beauty of this snail is in its light-colored body, which has purple stripes or pink bases and no stripes. In addition, their stripes’ color is rather brilliant.

Ivory Mystery Snail

Mystery snails with ivory shells are also known as albino snails with body spots that display varying colors. Their shell color ranges from slightly yellow to pure white or off-white, making them easy to identify.

Golden Mystery Snail

gold inca snail hiding

These snails are semi-transparent or opaque yellow, which differentiates them from other varieties of snails. However, the foot color of these snails can vary from yellowish to white.

Jade Mystery Snail

The shells of jade mystery snails are ovate and dark. Also, those baby snails range from opalescent to transparent yellow in color. Their availability depends on whether a local breeder or an organization offers them.

Blue Mystery Snail

The most appealing aspect of this creature is its glossy black body, which contrasts beautifully against a semi-transparent shell. Though you can find it in an opaque white variety.

Wild/Black Mystery Snail

The wild type has a blackish-brown shell that appears to be black. Hence it’s commonly known as the “black snail.” Also it also a dark body and neat brownish-to-blackish stripes.

Dark Striped Olive (Walnut)

One more dark snail with a green outer layer and either black or brown stripes to reddish-brown. In my opinion, they can make any aquarium look more attractive.

What Are the Rare Hues of Mystery Snails?

Dark Striped Purple(Blueberry)

These guys have beautiful shell that is either pink or purple in hue, with dark bodies and black or purple stripes.


The Red brown snail has a pale shell and dark body with reddish-brown stripes running across it. This pattern is similar to that of the wild type. When you add them to an aquarium, they tend to make it more lively!

Pink Mystery Snail

The beautiful pink mystery snail would look stunning in your freshwater tank with their white body and gorgeous reddish-pink shell.

Burgundy (Purple-Gold)

The color of this snail’s body may lighten or darken depending on the position of a light source.

Despite their burgundy-hued flanks, the highlighted areas have copper or golden undertones. Its distinctive genetics give it an imperial air about it, with its rich hue owing to its unique characteristics.

Chestnut (Striped Gold)

The shell of this species is so beautiful, with a brown exterior and a light body highlighted with a crimson tint in certain areas.

Light Striped Purple (Pink Version)

This purple snail has a light pink pigment inside its shell. The base color is pink to ivory, with purple neat stripes running through it.

Dark/Light Plain Purple

There are two types of these cuties- those with a dark body and purple shell and those with a light body and pink shell. Neither type has any stripes.

Light Striped Purple (Ivory Version)

This type of purple mystery snail is rare and has a white or ivory shell with bright to soft purple stripes, giving it the appearance of striped candy.


This snail’s body is light with brown, purple, or reddish-brown stripes. Also, its shell is ivory or white, making it tough to tell apart from the light-striped purple variety.

Olive Mystery Snail

The outer covering of the olive mystery snail is green, and Classifications are based on the shade of green and whether there are any stripes.

Dark, Plain Olive

As the name suggests, this snail has a dark outer shell with no stripes and a black body.

Striped Olive

This mystery snail is accented with black, green, or brown stripes on an all-white body.

Plain Olive

This variety has a white body without any stripes. But they can add a touch of elegance to any aquarium.

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