What To Do For National Pet Appreciation Week

Our pets always hold a special spot in our hearts, but in the past few months, it’s safe to say our appreciation for them has increased tenfold. June 7th to 13th is National Pet Appreciation Week – a time when you can look back on how our pets enrich our lives.

They provide a sense of comfort

During these trying times we are faced with much uncertainty, which can leave us feeling lost. Our pets act as our rock, providing a sense of normalcy and comfort. No matter what is going on, you can count on them to remain as energetic and joyful as always. If you noticed your pet is a little more “present” lately, you can thank their almost uncanny ability to read our emotions. They know when we need a little extra cuddle time and are happy to oblige.

They keep us active

Our current outdoor time may be limited, but as a pet parent, you have no choice but to be active each day for the sake of your pet. Whether it’s a brisk walk outside with your dog or an indoor play session with your cat, our pets make sure that our exercise isn’t limited to walking between our beds and our couches.

They brighten our day

If you’re feeling down, you don’t need to look further than your pet to find a bright spot in your day. Maybe it’s the little chirp your cat makes every time you pet them or the way your dog tilts their head any time they hear a noise on the TV, but taking the time to appreciate the little quirks that make your pet unique can do wonders to improve your mood. If you have family or friends who are pet-lovers without pets, sharing videos of these daily antics is a great way to further spread the joy your four-legged friends bring.

don’t have to look hard to see everything that our pets do for us, so how can
we show them our appreciation? For many pets, the quickest way to their heart
is, unsurprisingly, through their stomach.

Keep them healthy & happy

If you’ve been considering Freshpet, now is the perfect time to take the leap and go for it. At Freshpet, everything we do, we do for pets. This means protecting the integrity of our food by vowing to never use meat meals, powders, preservatives, or additives. But it also means partnering with shelters and rescues to increase their visibility and provide the pets in their care with the food and resources they need until they find their forever homes. When you choose Freshpet, not only are you giving your pet the food they need to live their best lives you are helping animals in need in your community.

Try a new recipe

If your pet is already eating Freshpet, try mixing up their regular recipe with something new. We have five different recipe lines of food for dogs and three different ones for cats. If you’re having trouble deciding, our product selector can help you narrow down your choices. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your pet and their preferences and we’ll recommend a few specific recipes we think they’ll absolutely love.

We understand that many of us are trying to limit our visits to the store, which makes our line of Homestyle Creations recipes a great choice. Just select your dog’s favorite freshly crafted meal and we’ll deliver our fresh, healthy pet food straight to your door.

Spoil them with Freshpet treats

Just because they’re called “treats” doesn’t mean quality should be sacrificed. Both of our Freshpet Dog Joy and Freshpet Dog Nation treats are made with ingredients sourced using the same rigorous process as our food. These ingredients are then fully cooked right here in the USA, so they’re completely ready to eat. This results in treats that are 100% free of by-products or artificial flavors – and real meat is the #1 ingredient so you can feel good about handing out a little extra.

pets are always there for us, so use this week to show them just how much you
appreciate them. If you have anything special planned for your pet this week,
we’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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