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We love our customers and their pets!


Featured Products


STAYbowl® Tip-Proof Bowl

Does not tip!! We tried several bowls for our guinea pigs and this is the only one they can’t tip over!  Thank you!Thank you! And I highly recommend this product and the company. Good luck with the business!

Elizabeth W.

Wheeky® Pets Laundry Helper

This is a lifesaver for pet laundry: Show your washer and dryer some love and save yourself the hassle of picking hay and stray poos out of your machines. Washing fleece bedding can be such a hassle and I was always fearful I was damaging my laundry machines. This is such a simple and helpful addition to the process. For anyone using fleece bedding for guinea pigs or rabbits, get yourself a Laundry Helper!

Brittany S,

Wheeky® Meadow Blend

I absolutely love this blend of organic meadow blend. It is much healthier for guinea pigs and it smells amazing! My guinea pigs love it!

Jean S.

Wheeky® Treat Ball

Guinea Pig Fun! My boys LOVE the Wheeky Ball so much that I bought some for my friends with pigs too! Great way to keep them moving and super entertaining to watch them play!


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