When You Have To Rehome Your Dog

What happens when you become seriously ill or have a big life change (divorce/job loss) and have to move into a pet-unfriendly location? You look to friends and family to take in your beloved pup, but no one can step up. So, who can you turn to? That’s where the nonprofit pet adoption site Adopt-a-Pet.com’s new program, Rehome, comes in.

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After extensive research, Adopt-a-Pet.com launched Rehome with the support of the Petco Foundation. Dana Puglisi, director of marketing and communications for Adopt-a-Pet.com, says, “Rehome is the groundbreaking, peer-to-peer pet adoption platform that allows pet owners who can no longer keep their beloved pets to find great new adopters for them using Adopt-a-Pet.com’s adoptable pet search engine.”

The Rehome program advertises the pet to millions of prospective pet adopters. Adoption experts then guide you through the screening of applicants, so you can choose the right adopter for your pet, then help you with finalizing the adoption contract.

“We will also donate that pet’s adoption fee in full to the animal shelter or rescue who referred them into the system,” Dana says. “So, we’re not only helping to reduce the burden on local animal welfare organizations, but we’re also helping them to fundraise to save more pets.”

The program is already a success — to date, Rehome has taken in more than a quarter million pets. For more information about the Adopt-a-Pet.com’s Rehome program, go to the website rehome.adoptapet.com.

Top photograph: corners74 | Getty Images

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