Why Your Dog Will Love Our Homestyle Creations Recipes

Home cooking a complete and balanced healthy meal for your dog can be tricky. This is why we’re so excited about our line of Homestyle Creations recipes. With Homestyle Creations, creating fresh, delicious meals for your dog has never been easier.

How are Homestyle Creations different from other Freshpet recipes?

Like our traditional Freshpet recipes, each is crafted with fresh ingredients, no preservatives, and all the natural vitamins and minerals needed for a complete and balanced meal that delivers far more bioavailable nutrition than a scoop from a bag. Where they differ is the fact that our Homestyle Creation recipes are designed to let you mix-and-match 100% natural, nutritious dishes that will keep your dog excited for every new dish.

What’s makes up a Homestyle Creations Recipe?

Each meal consists of two parts: Patties and Mixers. The Patties are formulated to be complete and balanced for adult dogs – they can be served cut up, broken apart, or shredded to enjoy as a complete and balanced meal on their own or topped with different Mixers. Mixers are meal complements, great for adding to Homestyle Creation Patties or any other Freshpet recipe to create a variety of recipes that keeps your dog excited for the best dog food at mealtime.

HC family shot

Both Patties and Mixers
are fully cooked and ready to serve, so there’s no need to heat them. However,
if your dog enjoys the occasional hot meal, they can be safely heated in the
microwave. Please note that Mixers need to be transferred to a microwave-safe
container before doing so.

What recipe offerings are available?

Each recipe starts with
a chicken or beef Patty as the base. These Patties are made from 100% pure
chicken or beef, free from grains, gluten, fillers, or soy. Depending on your
dog’s taste preference, you can choose between three Mixers:

If you want to buy the
Patties and Mixers already combined, you can choose from two pre-made meals:

Where can I buy Homestyle Creations recipes?

All of our Homestyle Creations recipes can be purchased from select Whole Foods, Target, Meijer, and pet specialty locations, as well as directly from www.freshpetfood.com. When purchased through our site, your dog’s meals will be sent straight to your door in a custom shipping box with insulated materials and ice packs to ensure freshness upon arrival. We currently offer shipping to the 48 contiguous states.

Please note that our shipping box, insulation material, and product packaging can all be recycled with your normal home system. Ice packs can be refrozen and used again anytime you need to take your pup’s healthy dog food on the road!


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