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The weather outside may not be frightful just yet–but there’s no doubt that snuggling with your dog on a cozy Blue Zoca premium waterproof blanket will be delightful!

Whether your holiday plans involve staying home or visiting family and friends–or enjoying a hotel stay with your dog–Blue Zoca has you covered–literally.

This waterproof blanket is designed to provide cozy comfort while protecting beds, car seats, couches and furniture from dog urine, drool, mud, fur, gooey dog chews and more!

Why a waterproof blanket is more important this year than ever

Just the other day, I read an article in USA Today predicting some of the items that might be tough to find this coming winter, and one of the items was a waterproof blanket.

The reason? For safety reasons, more and more people are looking for ways to extend their outdoor fun this year, whether that’s picnicking, outdoor restaurant dining, sitting around the firepit or screening a movie outdoors with friends and furry family members. A waterproof blanket helps humans stay comfortable in the cold–while guarding against spilled food, wet ground, and any pet messes you can imagine.

How we use our Blue Zoca blanket

This year we’ve used our Blue Zoca blanket in just about every situation imaginable, both indoor and outside. We protect our couch not only from dog fur but also sticky (and smelly) sheep horns, their current favorite chew–as well as from our cat Lucky’s accidents due to his bladder surgery.

But we also use our blanket on the road. For day trips, it makes a great way to cover our cargo area and give the dogs the familiar scent of home.

When a family funeral sent us to a hotel for the night earlier this year, we packed our blanket to help protect the hotel mattress and linens from dog messes:

Sold in a convenient carry bag, this waterproof blanket helps protect hotel beds–and it gives your dog the familiar scent of home, an important factor for keeping dogs calm in new settings.

At home, you can protect your own mattress– and your dog can snuggle up with the reversible, velvety fleece blanket while protecting your mattress from drool, vomit, urine–or soggy dog paws from winter slush.

Special Offer!

Can’t wait to see if you win? Order your Blue Zoca premium waterproof blanket and save $10 with coupon code BFCM10 at checkout!

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How Blue Zoca Blankets Work

You’ll notice that Blue Zoca blankets feature two colors–one on each side (so it’s like two blankets in one!)

Tucked between those absorbent layers is the waterproof layer, designed to stop the moisture, whether it’s dog drool being dripped from above onto the blanket or moisture coming up from beneath the blanket if you sit it on a damp surface for some outdoor winter fun with your dog.

And no one but you will know this is a waterproof blanket–Blue Zoca blankets are soft…not crinkly like old-fashioned waterproof covers!

Enter to Win!

One lucky reader will win the Blue Zoca blanket in the color combo of their choice. Which will you choose? Entries are limited to US mailing addresses. Good luck!

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