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Ready to start 2021 on the right foot–and paw? January is Walk Your Dog Month, a time to really resolve to walk your dog more–even during some of the most challenging weather conditions of the year!

To celebrate January’s Walk Your Dog Month, we’re giving away a bundle of our YUCKY PUPPY products–our exclusive dog walking bag and two sets of our exclusive YUCKY PUPPY poop bag carriers.

Our crossbody dog walking bag protects your items no matter what January’s weather throws at you. A clear, zippered exterior pocket protects your phone (and lets you peek at incoming calls without stopping to get out your phone.

A main zippered pocket holds all your essentials, from an extra mask to hand sanitizer–and an interior zippered pocket dispenses poop bags. On the other side, a magnetic clasp makes grabbing a treat easy to do on the walk–even if you’re wearing a heavy pair of gloves!

Our YUCKY PUPPY poop bag carriers, sold in sets of two, hide that saggy poop bag. The waterproof lining keep leaks and odors inside the bag so no one but your dog knows what you’re carrying!

Now one lucky reader will win both a dog walking bag and two sets of poop bag carriers of their choice!

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