How to Adapt Your Home to an Aging Pet

Just like you had to make changes to your home when you brought
home your puppy or kitten, you’ll have to make adjustments as your pet ages.
Senior pets have different needs than their younger counterparts, much of which
revolves around adapting their environment to suit their changing abilities.
Fortunately, no major remodel is required, as there are countless products and
accessories designed specifically for this stage of your pet’s life.

Switch to a diet that
supports their physical and mental health

Senior pets can have different nutritional needs than younger pets. As they age, they can begin to struggle with weight management, dry skin, or even a more sensitive stomach. Making the switch to Freshpet is a great choice, as each recipe is made with fresh, whole ingredients with options specific for sensitive skin and tummies

It’s also important to have a great diet that will support their cognitive health as well as their physical health. Freshpet salmon recipes are great sources of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which help promote brain health.

Make mealtime more

Once you’ve made the switch to health-supporting food, you’ll want to give their bowl an upgrade as well. With Pet Zone Designer Diner Adjustable Elevated Bowls you can raise their bowls to the correct height, which minimizes strain on the neck and leg joints while encouraging better digestion and reducing the chance of bloat. Each stainless steel bowl can hold up to seven cups of food and is dishwasher safe – plus, the legs of the stand can collapse for easy storage.

Help them move around

Dogs use their nails for traction but on hard, slippery surfaces they’re not able to maintain a good grip. Young dogs use their leg muscles to compensate for this lack of grip, but with the muscular weakness and joint issues that come with old age, senior dogs lose this ability. ToeGrips® Dog Nail Grips can be slipped over your dog’s toes, giving them extra traction on smooth surfaces. What’s great about ToeGrips® is that they work with your dog’s innate biomechanics, so they feel very natural when worn – unlike boots and other grip support products. Each set lasts between one and three months and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Make sure they can
still access their favorite spots

Whether your pet isn’t able to safely make it onto the furniture or you simply want to protect their joints, the CozyUp™ folding pet steps are a must-have. Each step has a fabric tread, no-skid feet, and a low railing to ensure their feet don’t slide off the side, giving your pet the freedom to move around their home safely. These steps also fold down flat so you can store them when not in use or are easy to pack if you travel with your pet. Size small holds up to 150 lb and large up to 200 lb.

Invest in a comfortable

As your pet ages, it’s important that they have a comfortable place to rest. The FurHaven Quilted Orthopedic Sofa Bed checks all boxes when it comes to not only looks but functionality as well. Inside, you’ll find dense, egg-crate-shaped orthopedic foam that offers support while allowing for better airflow underneath. The side bolsters give your pet a comfortable spot to rest their head while leaving one side open so they can easily climb in and out. If your pet has an accident, or you simply want to wash the bed, the entire cover can be removed and is machine washable. The bed is available in four sizes which are mapped to different breeds, making it easy to choose the right size for your pet.

We hope that the items on this list will allow you to help your
pet age with dignity at home. Do you have other products you’d like to
recommend to senior pet owners? We’d love to see them in the comments!


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