New Freshpet Recipes To Bark About

We know that few things get a dog’s tail wagging like seeing their parent preparing their favorite Freshpet meal. This is why we’re excited to announce new additions to our Homestyle Creations and Vital recipe lines your dog is sure to love!

Homestyle Creations

If you’re not familiar with our newest recipe line, our Homestyle Creations recipes makes it easy for you to create fresh, delicious meals for your dog. Our original Homestyle Creations recipes consist of two parts: Patties and Mixers. The Patties are designed to be cut up, broken apart or shredded to enjoy as a complete and balanced meal or topped with complementary Mixers. With our two new recipes, we’ve combined our Patties and Mixers into a convenient and resealable pouch. These bagged recipes offer the same fresh and delicious meals with no mix and matching required.

Homestyle Creations Beef, Chicken & Turkey Recipe

This freshly crafted meal is made in the USA with 100% natural ground beef, chicken, and turkey, blended with a vitamin-rich assortment of eggs, carrots, pumpkin, brown rice, and green beans. The unique multi-proteins used in this recipe makes it a delicious choice for dogs who love variety in their daily meals.

This healthy dog food recipe is available in 1 lb. bags and can be found at select Whole Foods, Target, Meijer, and speciality pet locations.

Homestyle Creations Chicken & Turkey Recipes

If your dog prefers their meals without beef, our new chicken and turkey recipe is a must-try. This bagged recipe is made from real, USA farm-raised ground chicken and turkey, and complemented with an anti-oxidant rich medley of fruits and vegetables, including cranberries, sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans. As with all of our other recipes, these fruits and vegetables are always fresh and delivered daily to our Freshpet kitchens.

This recipe is also available in 1 lb. bags and can be found at select Whole Foods, Target, Meijer, and speciality pet locations.

Freshpet Vital

Like all Freshpet recipes, our line of Vital recipes is made in our Bethlehem, PA Kitchens using all-natural, fresh ingredients – they never have any preservatives, rendered meat meals, or ingredients from China. What makes Vital recipes a bit different, however, is that they are tested and verified to be 100% non-GMO. It’s one of the best dog food recipe lines for your pup.

Vital Grain-Free Chicken Recipe with Spinach, Cranberries & Blueberries

For dogs who love the classic Freshpet roll, this grain-free roll is sure to be a hit. Fresh, 100% natural chicken is complemented with fiber-rich spinach as well as antioxidant-rich blueberries and cranberries to create a flavor combination that dogs cannot resist.

This recipe is available in a 2 lb. roll at PetSmart, Petco, and other specialty pet locations.

Vital Balanced Nutrition Chicken Recipe with Whole Grain & Green Beans

This ready-to-serve meal is available in a convenient, resealable bag. We start with natural, USA farm-raised chicken then add gently cooked carrots and green beans. Finally, we finish off the meal with whole grains and prebiotics to support digestive health, and omega 3 fatty acids to support skin and coat. Together, these ingredients create a delicious meal that’s complete and balanced for all life stages.

This recipe is also
available in a 1.75 lb. bag at PetSmart, Petco, and other specialty pet


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