What Are Common Myths About Vet Recommended Dog Food?

Just as is the case with other types of products, Freshpet finds that there are a wide variety of myths relating to vet recommended dog foods on the market. At Freshpet, we know that pet parents want to take a more fact based approach when purchasing products for their dogs, taking into consideration factors such as pricing, nutritional value, accessibility, and more to make their decisions. Here, we aim to help pet parents continue with their efforts to find the best dog foods available to them on the market by addressing a few common myths about vet recommended dog food.

Vet Recommended Dog Food is Expensive

Freshpet recognizes that a common myth regarding vet recommended dog food is that it is all more expensive than other dog food products. While there are premium brands that are considered high-quality dog food by vets, many of the most highly recommended options are within the same price range as other foods. This is because many vet recommended brands such as Freshpet and related products have made efforts to remain accessible for pet parents who want to give their dogs the best food possible within their budget. What’s more is that, with the expansive range of vet recommended pet foods available, it is almost guaranteed that a product that will be great for your pet can be found within your ideal price range.

Vet Recommended Dog Food is the Same as Other Products

Another common myth surrounding vet recommended dog food is that the products are the same or not much different than other products on the market. Freshpet finds that this is not the case, and there are a variety of factors that tend to separate heavily recommended dog foods from less highly regarded options. For example, vet recommended dog food such as Freshpet products have balanced nutritional content containing the right amount of water, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals for continued health. Vet recommended dog foods also will lack harmful artificial ingredients and fillers, address health needs, and have the right nutritional allotment for a dog’s breed, size, age, and activity level. These qualities and more combine to ensure that your average vet recommended dog food is formulated to keep your dog happy and healthy throughout their lifetime.

Vet Recommended Dog Food

Vet Recommended Dog Food is Less Accessible

Accessibility is a huge factor within the dog food space. Reason being pet parents want to be able to know that their dogs’ favorite foods are easy to find and stock up on. After all, no one wants to make trips to several stores to find their preferred brands only to go home empty handed. While some pet parents hold the misconception that vet recommended dog foods are less accessible than lower quality brands, this is not the case for many of the most popular recommended options. This is because brands have increased accessibility of their products through direct to consumer options and wider availability within brick and mortar stores. The average pet parent is much more aware of high-quality dog foods’ value, and this growing priority has meant that brands have made strong efforts to market and widely distribute themselves in recent years.

Vet Recommended Dog Food is Only for Health Conditions

Most pet parents are aware of how dog foods that address medical needs are a growing section of the medical industry. This leads some to the misconception that all vet recommended dog food is only applicable to their dogs if they have a medical condition or health concern that requires a change in diet. Freshpet acknowledges that there are a lot of products out there that are vet recommended because they can help improve health outcomes for pets with various conditions, but not all. Others may be recommended because they are balanced meals that are a good fit for your dog due to their breed, size, or activity level. The fact remains that vet recommended dog food is not just for health conditions and can simply be an excellent way for pet parents to show a commitment to keeping their pet in top shape.

Dispelling Myths About Vet Recommended Dog Food

As pet parents become more knowledgeable about all of the products available to them for their furry friends, it is understandable that myths regarding some of them may paint their picture of their health and efficiency. Freshpet acknowledges that we are in a unique position to help pet parents better understand the ever-evolving dog food space and empower them to make the best decisions possible on their dogs’ behalf. With this in mind, we speak to the importance of sharing insights and dispelling myths surrounding concepts such as vet recommended dog food.


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