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|I was pet sitting/babysitting for an hour.
|If you want to make more money you need to lose some.
|Deleting the house after an hour is a method of mines.
|You do need at least 250 dollars to pet sit!
|You will be making money in process so don’t fret!
|Most of us still have the starter house, so if you do this it will help a lot.
|You don’t have to delete the house it’s just something I do.

|To know how much you make, write down what you started with.
|Then write down what you ended with when you’re done.

I started with 9,474 and ended with 11,101.
11,101 – 9,474= 1,627
So in total I made 1,627 bucks from petsitting for an hour

|When you start pet sitting try to get different breeds of pets.
|It gets confusing if your babysitting 3 red pandas.
|No more then 2 of the same breed at a time.
|When you throw a party make it interesting!
|You want as many people to come, so you can pet sit their animals.

|If pet sitting doesn’t work out, try babysitting some babies!
|You will earn around the same amount.
|You will also have to spend less!
|Only problem is the baby is an actual person.


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