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⏩ Part 1 (How to start fishing for beginners) is now available. Links in description.

► About This Video
A black desert online step by step tutorial on fishing for new players on what gears to work towards including fishing rods, clothes and buffs. Also tips on whether you should use a sub-character to do fishing. Also included are cheap buffs and also, which pet is recommended.

► New Players How to start fishing guide:

► Additional Tips
Keep ancient relic shards and see this guide on how to make use of it to earn more silver.

► Experiences Shared by Viewers
Contributed by: ArsenicSteel000
If you main is a sailor or barterer, then fishing might just match the towns that you are returning to e.g. Illiya or Port Ratt, (even if you are a monster grinder e.g. at Kama or Duvencrune), your main can also be a good afk fishing character given that you would be returning to those towns daily. Bonus tips is that there are also good imperial fishing trader NPC in those towns.

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► Video Timestamp
1:13 New Players Note
1:45 Which Rod to get
3:00 How to P.O +10 Items
4:34 Which Clothes & level to get
6:50 Cost effective buffs
7:59 Book of Life *WARNING*
8:54 Main or Sub Character
9:58 Pet Recommendation
10:20 Special Skills *WARNING*
11:03 Skills that stacks
11:49 Pet Setting *IMPORTANT*
13:03 Community Creators *PERMISSION GIVEN*
13:57 Thanks Onigatana (Discord )
14:26 Community Content Showcase

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