How to Train a Schutzhund : Learn Sit & Down Commands for Schutzhund Dog Training

My name is Phil Hoelcher and I am representing
Expert this morning and we are going to be talking a little bit about the
sport of Schutzhund. We are going to try to show you a little bit about all three phases;
the tracking, obedience and protection and give you an idea today a little bit of what
the sport is all about. This is the sit command, where he has to sit on my command and then
I walk away from him. Sit and if he sat there very nice and waited very good then I am going
to give him a cookie, instead of playing with the ball with him or the tug toy with him,
because I don’t want him to get too excited right now. So the next command would be the
down command, where he has to walk 10 paces, run 10 paces and then lay down. We will see
how that works here. If he went down pretty down, everything was pretty nice we will give
him a cookie for doing that. Good boy. Take the leash off so he doesn’t step on it.
Now I am going to try to get him to come very fast, and sit in front of me, so I am going
to use the toy to help me, focus him exactly where I want him to be. They must have a little patience here because
I don’t want him jumping up and biting it when it is on my chin… good. If you would
like to talk further about Schutzhund or like to know anything else, you can e-mail me at

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