Top 10 BfA Pet Battle Tips

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BfA Pet Battles! Here are my 10 best tips for battling and collecting battle pets in Battle for Azeroth. Right now in BfA the pet battle game is focused on collecting the wealth of new pets that were added to WoW in Battle for Azeroth, and amassing Polished Pet Charms through Pet Battle World Quests. These BfA pet battle tips are geared towards those two goals. This edit has been powered by some genmaicha green tea. It was delicious.

I forgot to add- for collecting Island Expedition pets, make sure that you’re specifically targeting rare mobs and events during your Island Expeditions over random shards and Azerite golems! Evidence is pointing towards Island Expedition pet drops being tied to what you killed during your expedition.

Pet Battle Strats at WoW-Petguide:

My All My Addons video (includes a Pet Battle Addon section)


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