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Travelling With Pet In Indian Railways | Detailed Information and Tips by Indian Petmom
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Today we are sharing very important and detailed information and tips on Travelling With Pet In Indian Railways. Travelling With Pet becomes really tricky within India since there are multiple rules, regulations and guidelines pet-parents need to go through during their travel within India with Pets. Indian Petmom found it difficult to gather all these information while going through the process and hence today we lay out all the detailed information regarding travelling with Pets in Indian Railways – all in one place. Please see below there are more details shared for your ease and comfort. Please like this video if the information shared regarding travelling with pet in Indian Railways is beneficial for you, comment if you want to know something more in detail, share with all your friends and subscribe to MommyNFlurry Tale for more such videos and Vlogs from Indian Petmom.

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Important points to Remember
A.Documents you need to attach with the request letter are-
1. Copy of your Tickets
2. Copy of your Pet’s vaccinations
3. Pet’s Medical records/History if any

B. Points you need to mention in the letter
1. letter should be addressed to the Chief Reservation Officer
2. Train Name and Number
3. Date of journey
4. Train’s source and Destination
5. Pet Parent’s name, contact number and email id
6. Your request in detail
C. In case your Pet is travelling in the Brake Van, make sure they have a Tag on their neck with Name and Contact number of the Pet-Parent they are accompanied by
D. Hand over a copy of your Ticket to the train guard on duty
E. Always Carry Vaccination details and Medical records of your pet with you while travelling

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