Best Names for Mother Dogs

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Are you adopting a rescue dog who will soon be–or recently was–a mother dog? Or intaking a pregnant dog into a shelter or rescue? We’ve rounded up a collection of the best names for mother dogs, drawing inspiration from everything from famous moms of the silver screen to names for mothers from around the globe.

Names for Mother DogsNames for Mother Dogs

Sweet Names for Mother Dogs

Batmom: for the superhero mama dog with bat ears


Mama Bear

Mamaw: Used in the UK as slang for Mom, Mamaw is more often used for grandmothers in the US.

Mamma Mia


Mamsy or Mamsie






Mumsy: Mumsy is most often used as a British name for Mom.

Supermom or Supermum

Tiger Mom: for the pregnant brindle or striped dog.

Mom names from other languages

Ahm: Arabic

Aiti: Finnish

Amá: The Spanish nickname for Mamá.

Amami: A Spanish nickname used similarly to Mom, Amami is primarily used in Mexico.

Anne: Turkish

Ema: Estonian

Madrecita: The Spanish diminutive of Madre, Madrecita literally means “little mother.”

Madre: Italian

Mãe: Portuguese

Majka: Croatian

Mam: Welsh

Mamacita: Spanish for little mother–and a name for an attractive woman

Mamaíta: An old way to say “Mom” or “Mommy” in Spanish.

Maman: French for Mom.

Mami: Spanish

Mamita: Used similarly to Mamacita or Madrecita, as a dinimutive of Mami.

Mana: Greek

Manman: Haitian Creole

Máthair: Irish

Matka: Czech and Polish

Mère: French for mother.

Moeder: Dutch

Mor: Norwegian

Motina: Lithuanian

Mutter: German for mother

Mutti: German for Mom

Nanay: Filipino

Nene: Albanian

Oka-san: Japanese

Omm: Maltese

Famous Mothers in Literature, Movies and TV

Carol Brady: The matriarch of The Brady Bunch clan, Carol Brady or Mrs. Brady would be a good name for a dog pregnant with six pups who can then be named: Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan and Cindy.

June Cleaver: Of Leave It to Beaver fame, June Cleaver makes a clever name for the classic dog mom to two pups: Beaver and Wally.

Kala: The gorilla mom who survives the death of her son to then later adopt Tarzan.

Kanga: The loving kangaroo mother to Roo in Winnie-the-Pooh.

Ma Wilder: Little House on the Prairie

Marge Simpson: For the big-haired dog who is mom to two pups: Bart and Lisa.

Marilla: Mother in Anne of Green Gables

Marmee: Little Women

Morticia Addams: A timely name for the rescue dog brought in during the Halloween season, the matriarch of The Addams Family was mom to Pugsley and Wednesday.

Mother Goose

Mrs. Potts: Beauty and the Beast

Mrs. Quimby: The mother in the Ramona book series.

Mrs. Weasley: Ron Weasley’s mother in the Harry Potter series.

Old Mother Hubbard

Perdita: Perdita (lost in Spanish) is the 101 Dalmatians mom with 15 puppies of her own (and 86 that she adopts). Not all of Perdita’s pups were named in the book, just Patch, Lucky, Cadpig and Roly Poly. The movie names some additional pups. [Also see: Disney Dog Names]

Shirley Partridge: The matriarch of The Partridge Family, this name would be a fun moniker for the rescue mom to a litter of four. The pups can then be named Laurie, Danny, Tracy and Chris!

Adopting an older mama dog?

Whether you are adopting an older dog who has been a mother–or looking for a shelter name for a new intake–we’ve got a selection of grandmother names from around the globe.

Abu: Granny in Spanish.

Abue: Granny in Spanish, short for Abuela or grandmother.

Abuelita: A sweet diminutive of Abuela in Spanish.

Babcia: Grandmother in Polish.

Babička: Grandmother in Czech.

Babushka: Grandmother in Russian.

Bestemor: Grandmother in Norwegian.

Grand-mère: Grandmother in French.

Grootmoeder: Grandmother in Dutch.

Isoäiti: Grandmother in Finnish.

Lita: A nickname for Abuelita.

Mormor: Grandmother in Swedish.

Nanna: Grandmother in Maltese.

Nene: Grandmother in Turkish.

Nonna: Grandmother in Italian.

ömmu: Grandmother in Icelandic.

Sobo: Grandmother in Japanese.

Yaya: Nana in Spanish.

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Best Names for Mother DogsBest Names for Mother Dogs


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