Big Barker Dog Bed Review

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We have received a Big Barker bed for review. All opinions and statements are entirely ours–and Tiki and Barli’s…

You’ve probably heard of the Big Barker orthopedic dog bed and wondered if this might be a good fit for your dog. We’ve had the opportunity to review a Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs – Headrest Edition.

Since our 12-year-old Tiki has some arthritis, I was eager to give this bed a try!

Big Barker orthopedic dog bed

What is a Big Barker Bed?

You might have guessed from the name but Big Barker beds are specially designed for BIG dogs. With sizes that range from Large to Giant, this bed is made to help your large–and giant–dog feel their best.

Big Barker sizes

Each bed is seven inches thick but the width and length will vary by size.

Our bed is a Large size, specially designed for dogs Tiki’s size: labs, Golden Retrievers, Boxers–and big mixes like Tiki ?

If your dog is bigger, you can move up to the Extra Large size at 52 inches long and 36 inches wide.

And if you share your home and heart with a Great Dane, you’ll even find a 60- inch by 48-inch Giant version specially designed for these big boys!

Ten-Year Warranty

We all know that big dogs mean a big weight on that mattress–day after day, year after year.

One feature that really drew my eye is the fact that these beds are designed to last–and feature a 10-year warranty!

Our American foam is the absolute cream of the crop, which is why we can guarantee it for an entire decade. If your foam doesn’t retain at least 90% of its original shape and support, we’ll replace it. Simple as that.

— Big Barker

If you purchase a bed through the Big Barker site, your bed will be automatically registered for the warranty.

If you purchase it from Amazon or Overstock, you’ll need to visit the warranty page to officially register the bed and obtain the protection.

What Kind of Foam is Inside a Big Barker Bed?

Sleepy dog

One of the most common questions we get when we review a dog bed is what’s inside?!

The foam inside these beds is a three-layer blend of foam including a high-density core to keep your dog’s joints and pressure points comfortable and off the floor!

Big Barker foam is made in the USA and is certified CertiPUR-US – an independent, non-profit group that evaluates foam durability and safety.

— Big Barker

And along with the foam being made in the USA, so is everything else about this bed, all the way down to the zippers.

Does Your Dog Need an Orthopedic Bed?

Does your dog need a Big Barker dog bed?

Large dogs and older dogs can suffer joint pain just like we do–and an orthopedic bed can help relieve the pressure from those joints while your dog sleeps. (And we all know that our dogs sleep a lot.)

We’re especially aware of Tiki’s comfort because of her arthritis. With the help of supplements, she remains really active–and that activity helps her joint health as well.

Except when she bolts after a squirrel or gets a little too energetic playing with Barli, we don’t see her struggling to get up–but we do know that those joints cause her discomfort now and then.

Getting her weight off those joints during sleep helps her start the day fresh.

If your dog has had other orthopedic issues, an orthopedic bed might also be the prescription. Dogs who have undergone CCL or TPLO surgery (like our Irie did) can really use the comforting support of a thick, supportive mattress.

Big Barker lists many other conditions that cause joint pain:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Cushing’s Syndrome
  • Wobbler’s Disease

The Bed Cover

The beds–both the bolster beds and the sleek bed without the bolster–are covered in a microfiber cover.

Big Barker microfiber bed cover

The bed covers are available in four colors: burgundy, khaki, chocolate and–what you see Barli on here–charcoal gray.

With a zipper on three sides, the cover is removable and is machine washable (cold water wash then dry on low heat).

What Did Our Dogs Think?

Large size orthopedic dog bed

As you can see, the Big Barker is BIG…both Tiki and Barli fit on the Large!

Both Tiki and Barli are loving the bed (so much so that they keep an eye on it to see when the other is getting off the bed!)

Tiki especially appreciates the bolster; she loves headrests and that really fits her sleep style.

I’m noticing that she’s getting up and really is eager for her morning walks, and I attribute part of that to a good night’s rest with cushioning for her joints and hips!

Especially for Incontinent Dogs

If your dog suffers from incontinence, it can be tough to commit to the cost of an expensive dog bed. (We know this from years of experience with our incontinent cat, Lucky. His beds have to be washed often and there gets to be a point where we feel like they’re just not getting clean, even with washing.)

If you are concerned about incontinence staining the Big Barker bed, you’ll find that they also sell waterproof liners.

The 100% waterproof liner goes under the dog bed cover and protects the foam from urine, drool, soggy dogs, you name it.

Like the bed itself, the liner is made in the USA. It’s made of quiet fabric to avoid that telltale crinkly sound so many of us associate with bed liners.

And, if you need to replace the bed cover itself, you’ll also find replacement covers available.

Other Big Barker Products

Along with orthopedic beds and the accessories for them, Big Barker sells several other related products to protect the joints of large dogs.

backseat barker
Backseat Barker

I love the idea of the Backseat Barker, an orthopedic bed specially designed for the back of SUVs!

If you’ve ever sat back there with your dog, you know the cargo area is not cushioned–imagine riding back there for hours. (And I don’t even want to think what it would be like on a bumpy road!)

The Backseat Barker uses the same supportive foam technology as their orthopedic beds, perfect whether you are off to the park, vet or a day away.

What If My Dog Is Smaller?

Big Barker beds are especially designed for dogs over 50 pounds.

If you have a smaller dog, the Barker Junior provides the same orthopedic comfort for your dog.

We give the Big Barker a big paws up! It looks great in our home, our big dogs love it–and, most importantly, it helps keep Tiki comfortable and well-rested!


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