Does Your Dog Have Tear Stains? What Causes Them and How to Eliminate Them

How to treat your dog's tear stains and keep them bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Tear stains in dogs – those reddish-brown streaks running from their eyes down to their ever-boopable snouts – are a fairly common sight, especially on dogs with light-colored fur.

If your pooch is prone to this eye affliction, you’ll know that it doesn’t seem to bother him much. As pet parents, however, it is important to understand how and why tear stains occur; why they might be a problem; and, most importantly, to make use of solutions like PetEyez Vitamin Treats, designed to eliminate them and rid your pup of this eye-health issue for good.

How to treat your dog's tear stains and keep them bright eyed and bushy tailed!What Causes Tear Stains?

The good news first: tear stains in dogs are not cause for any undue concern!

In most cases, they are a cosmetic issue at worst, with the signature red/brown discoloration coming from porphyrin:

  • An iron-containing molecule produced when the body breaks down iron, porphyrin is excreted through the gastrointestinal tract, urine, saliva, and, you guessed it, tears.
  • All dogs and cats secrete tears – some dogs just have more porphyrin, and thus more tear stains.

It is worth noting, however, that tear stains can be a sign of something amiss – an underlying health condition, an ocular disease that needs attention, dietary deficiencies, allergies, or one of these underlying issues:

  • Glaucoma
  • Eye infection
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Ear infection
  • Ingrown eyelashes
  • Blocked tear duct
  • Allergies
  • Cornea injury
  • Medications
  • pH imbalance
  • Poor diet, excess red meat, excess carbohydrates, vitamin or mineral deficiency/excess
  • Stress
  • Teething issues (especially puppies)
  • Plastic food and water bowls
  • Water quality

While this list might seem somewhat scary, there is more good news! Tear stains, along with many of the above issues, can be easily and effectively treated thanks to industry-leading, science-backed solutions like PetEyez Vitamin Treats*.

* Note: if your dog’s tear stains persist after 30 days of use, please consult your veterinarian to explore possible underlying issues.

An Innovative Solution

Regardless of whether your dog’s tear stains are a cosmetic concern or something more pressing, it is important to both:

(a) Eliminate tear stains – uncleaned, they can lead to infections. (Make cleaning easy with PetEyez Tear Stain Wipes – coming soon!)
(b) Treat tear stains at the source – to ensure ongoing ocular health.

PetEyez Vitamin Treats – available as a tasty chew and a scoopable powder in a myriad of pet-approved flavors – has the answer to both.

As an optometrist and pet owner, Dr. Adam Cherry, O.D. was acutely aware that certain ocular conditions can go unnoticed until it is too late. Particularly in pets. In response to this, Dr. Cherry spent years developing PetEyez™ – a nutritional treat aimed at eliminating tear stains and improving total ocular health for pets, with 100% all natural ingredients backed by scientific studies.

“We see so many dogs out and about with unattractive tear staining and owners just don’t know how to eliminate them,” explains Dr. Cherry. “We do. Our science-based solution not only eliminates tear stains but provides your pet with 18 essential vitamins and ingredients to promote overall eye health in your pets.”

These all-natural, highly functional freeze-dried treats are designed to not only eliminate the buildup of tear stains for both dogs and cats in 30 days or less, they have also proven highly effective in helping with:

  • dry eyes,
  • irritated eyes,
  • glaucoma,
  • cataracts,
  • cherry-eye, and more.

Side note: Watch this space for a game-changing solution to your dog’s eye drop disdain: Dr. Cherry’s innovative pet eye mist “JET” dispenser, designed to easily dispense ‘drops’ to treat cataracts (ClarifEyez), dry eye (DryEyez), and allergies (AllergEyez) in dogs, is coming soon.

The First Line in Pet Vision Defense

There’s nothing quite like puppy eyes to tug at the heartstrings. The joyful gleam at the sight of their favorite treat. The pure excitement that shines straight from their souls when you pull out the leash. And, of course, the original puppy eyes: those big, guilt-inducing, sad eyes every time you head out the front door without them! But, as outlined in the above review of tear stains, and any potential associated ocular health issues, your dog’s eyes are so much more than the windows to their soul.

Keeping a loving eye on their eyes – and eliminating problems like tear stains as soon as they well up – is key to supporting eye health. All while ensuring they maintain that bright-eyed view of the world so unique to dogs.

PetEyez Vitamin Treats is your first line of defense to this end.

Treat your dog's tear stains and keep them bright eyed and bushy tailed with PetEyez Vitamin Treats

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