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With already-announced holiday mail slowdowns, the holiday season is beginning a little earlier than usual this year. To make sure you’re not disappointed, we’ve rounded up our favorite YUCKY PUPPY items for dog walkers and put them into our gift guide–and giveaway! We have designed each of these products with ease of use in mind, whether your walks are on city streets, suburban lanes, country roads or park trails.

We wanted to share our favorite items in our YUCKY PUPPY gift store for dog walkers–and give one lucky DogTipper reader the chance to win one of each!

Dog Walking Bag

Our YUCKY PUPPY Dog Walking Bag is perfect so you can screen your calls as you walk thanks to our combination of dog walking bag and crossbody phone bag! The clear phone pocket is zippered to protect your phone from snow and rain–and the bag features reflective trim for evening and night dog walking.

Inside, a separate zippered pocket includes a poop bag dispenser–so the next poop bag is always easy to grab (but isn’t trailing from the bag!)

On the back side, a magnetic close pocket is always easy to access for one-handed treating!

**SPECIAL OFFER: Use coupon code BAGS at checkout and add a free set of YUCKY PUPPY Poop Bag Carriers of your choice! Be sure to add the Poop Bag Carriers to your cart so the coupon code will work!

Poop Bag Carriers

Tired of wagging a saggy bag of dog poop? Drop it in a YUCKY PUPPY Poop Bag Carrier and only your dog will know what’s inside!

We have a wide range of poop bag carriers including our new Yuletide bag set:

You’ll find cute patterns, classic solid black and even XL bags for those with XL dog poop to bag!

Each bag is machine washable–and every bag, like all YUCKY PUPPY purchases–helps sponsor the care of a shelter dog. Right now we’re sponsoring 9-year-old Magnolia at San Antonio’s Animal Defense League of Texas:

Collapsible Dog Bowl

An easy gift for any dog lover, this silicone bowl collapses down to snap on your dog walking bag, leash or belt. Available in three colors, this food grade silicone bowl features a BPA-free rim.

Special Offers

We’re running Black Friday specials the entire month of November; be sure to check our Black Friday page on YUCKY PUPPY to find the latest special deal! ALL orders include free US shipping! Along with our dog walking gear, you’ll also find keyrings, aromatherapy diffusers, and gifts for the cat lovers on your list.

Enter to Win!

One reader will win a dog walking bag, Yuletide poop bag carriers, their choice of blue or pink bone poop bag carriers and a collapsible dog bowl! This giveaway is open to dog lovers everywhere. Good luck!

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