Expert Speak: 5 Tips To Ace Pet Parenting

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Devanshi Shah
To become a pet parent is truly one of the greatest joys in the world. Here are my five top tips for being the pet parent that your pet deserves.
Tip #1:Make Sure You’re Ready To Commit
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Nurturing a pet is sometimes not so different from nurturing a child. They love you, and they rely on you. Make sure you’re ready for this commitment in the long term and are not making a decision to adopt a pet in haste. Many pet parents give up their pets for adoption after a few months or years, realising they’re no longer fit for the role. This has an extremely negative impact on the pet’s mental health and can even leave them scarred for life.

Tip #2:Embrace The Carrot V/s Stick Approach
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Training your pets is an activity that all pet parents should be involved in, not just left to hired trainers, especially with dogs. This way, your pets will respond to you when prompted an action. It is vital here to understand that pets learn much better when they’re shown what you want them to do rather than told to do something. Reward your pets for desired actions, and they will soon stop doing the undesired ones. Don’t ever scold or beat your pets for undesired actions, as this can also lead them to develop an aggressive nature.

Tip #3:Time Is The Most Important Currency
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While you can buy your pet the most fabulous toys in town, it will not matter unless you give them the time of day. Make a habit of creating a daily activity that you and your pet partake in. It could be from going for a walk to playing a game at home. These activities help grow your bond with your pet and has great benefits for your pet’s mental health. This daily activity is also great for pet parents as it helps you to take your mind off everyday worries or get in some exercise.

Tip #4:Knowledge Is Power
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Try to learn as much as you can about your pet as prevention is better than cure. Knowing about hereditary ailments can help you prevent or identify health issues. Understanding the best diet for your pet can help keep them in top shape. Knowing the correct amount of activity for your pet can help avoid obesity and at the same time, over-exhaustion. Is your pet affected by a change in climate? Consider the hot summer sun versus the wet monsoon months, are you taking the precautionary steps required to keep your pet fit?

Tip #5:Vigilance Is Key
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Always keep a sharp eye out for abnormal behaviour. Behaviour such as a change in appetite, change in the level of daily activity, or a change in sleeping patterns is something that requires a certain level of awareness and attention. More obvious tells that pet parents should watch out for hair loss, change in stool or visible wounds and skin infections.

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