Health and nutrition apps for your dog or cat

Health and nutrition apps for your dog or cat

Keep track of your dog or cat’s health status, seek dietary advice, monitor her activity and more with a health and nutrition app!

Chances are, you’ve used a mobile application (commonly known as an “app”) at some point. Whether you’re tracking your steps, playing games, checking your online banking, or scrolling social media on your smartphone, apps are everywhere – and they’re undeniably handy! So how can you use this technology to benefit your dog or cat? Health and nutrition apps for animals are abundant, and they’re a convenient and effective way to keep on top of his well-being. Let’s take a closer look at these apps and why they’re all the rage!

Simple, helpful, and accessible

In short, health and nutrition apps for dogs and cats make animal parenting easier. While they’re not all created equal (see below for tips on choosing the right one), most well-designed options offer countless features that help you monitor, track, record, and learn about your animal’s diet and health status. In most cases, simple interfaces offer ease of use for even the least tech-savvy. All you need is a smartphone and a few minutes to learn the ins and outs of your app of choice.

Features galore!

Monitor his activity

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons people download apps for their animals is to monitor their activity levels. This structured approach to exercise is an ideal way to help dogs and cats shed pounds, or to prevent them from becoming overweight in the first place. Activity tracking apps also come in handy for diabetic animals, or those that are prone to seizures. Because they allow you to monitor heart rate, movement, and other vital signs from anywhere, you’ll always know when something isn’t right.

Get expert advice

Have specific questions about your dog or cat’s diet or health? Plenty of apps offer resources and live chat and video features that provide an easy way for you to get answers from veterinarians and animal nutritionists. Certain apps also allow you to connect with other animal parents who might be able to address your concerns based on first-hand experience.

Log data

Whether it’s vaccination records, medications, insurance details, weight history, or miscellaneous data, many apps let you store information that can help you keep track of your animal’s health and share it with his healthcare team. Some even sync with your calendar and will issue reminders about his care. You can also use apps as a digital logbook to record what your dog or cat eats, which can help rule out possible allergens and reveal other insights into his dietary needs.

Get help fast in emergencies

No matter how closely we monitor our dogs and cats, emergency situations can still occur. Apps such as the Pet First Aid American Red Cross app are a one-stop resource where you can quickly get information about your animal’s symptoms, learn first aid, and take quizzes on animal health and safety. This particular app can even locate the nearest emergency veterinary clinics so you don’t have to waste time searching.

Choosing the right app

There are literally hundreds of animal health and nutrition apps that all claim to do the same thing. So how do you know which one is best for you and your dog or cat?

  1. Do your research – A quick online search using keywords like “top health and nutrition apps for pets” will bring up plenty of hits. Read a few articles to learn more about the most popular options – just be sure to avoid biased and unreliable sources.
  2. Check the ratings – Once you’ve pinpointed a few apps that sound intriguing, visit the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS) and check to see how many stars each one has been given. If it has lower than 3.5 stars, move on.
  3. Read the reviews – Good features? High ratings? It’s time to see what other people have to say! If you scroll down in the app store, you’ll find reviews from other users who’ve tried the app – a great way to get a better grasp on its performance, usefulness, and other pros and cons.
  4. Ask questions – Still unsure if a certain app is right for you? Reach out! Contacting the app developer directly is the best way to get answers to your questions.
  5. Try it out – A lot of health and nutrition apps are free, so you can try them for a while with no strings attached to see how you like them. Even if there is an associated cost, most apps offer a free trial period.

In this day and age, the ability to maximize your dog or cat’s health is right at your fingertips. Why not take advantage of it? Download a health or nutrition app for your fur babe and see for yourself how it enhances his life – and yours!


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