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Posted by Katya on January 8th, 2013

Making sure that your children have positive encounters with dogs, whether it be their own family pooches or other dogs, is important for the safety of your kids. It’s also a great way to ensure that you raise compassionate people who are both respectful about and comfortable with animals. Whether or not you or your children are “dog people”, helping them have good experiences around canines can lead to their confidence around pets, less likelihood of suffering accidental bites, and overall harmony between all beings.

Here’s a list of 10 helpful tips for you to teach your kiddos so that you can encourage them to best get along with the dogs they meet!

  1. Always ask the permission of a dog’s owner before approaching or petting him!
  2. Stay away from entering a backyard that has a dog in it. Canines can be protective of their property so if you’re going to visit a friend, make sure to use the front door.
  3. If you see a loose dog, don’t approach or chase him! Especially if the pup is trying to get away from you, please leave him alone. Tell your parents, neighbors, and other adults you trust about the loose dog so that they can help.
  4. Never surprise or suddenly stir a sleeping dog. If your doggie or someone else’s dog is resting, let him catch some zzz’s and gently wake him up without scaring him.
  5. Don’t tease dogs with food or toys because this can entice them to use their mouth! Especially don’t tease a dog that’s behind a fence or a gate, and please don’t reach in to pet him.
  6. Stay away from any group of strange dogs. It’s best not to stand in the middle of a bunch of pups and steer clear of any fighting that may occur. Please don’t try to break up a fight! Instead, find the nearest adult to help.
  7. If there’s a pooch eating or chewing on a bone, it’s best to leave him alone. Please don’t try to grab the food or toy, and you don’t even need to touch the dog at that time. Let him enjoy his goodies first and then you can snuggle with him. Remember that dogs aren’t toys so there will be times when they don’t feel like playing.
  8. When you meet a new dog or are spending time with a pup who you don’t know well, avoid making direct eye contact or staring. Turn your eyes and look from the side to let them know you come in peace. Also, please don’t put your face close to a strange dog’s face. Remember that canines communicate friendliness by respecting space.
  9. Try not to run, shriek, scream or make big fusses around pups that you don’t know well! It could make them nervous or afraid which can affect their behavior towards you.
  10. Last but not least, if you see a stray dog do not run toward or away from him. Calmly walk to a safe place and try to ignore the pooch. Please tell adults immediately and let them handle finding the dog’s owners or trying to help him off the streets. Try to avoid panicking, and just slowly walk to a safe spot.

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