Our Favorite Pet-Safe Lawn and Garden Care Products

With warm weather just
around the corner, we know you’re starting to think about how you can get your
green space looking its best. While some lawn and garden products contain
chemicals that pose a risk to our four-legged companions, many brands offer products
that are 100% pet-safe. To help make sure you never have to choose between a
beautiful green space and the safety of your pet, we’ve rounded up five
pet-safe products that will cover all aspects of your lawn and garden care.

Espoma Organic All Season Lawn Food

If you’re looking for a lawn food that you can use from spring to fall, look no further than Espoma’s Organic All Season Lawn Food. This premium lawn food is made of natural organic materials and won’t leave burn marks or leach out of the soil. It also features Espoma’s exclusive Bio-tone formula which contains 50% more microbes than other similar products, contributing to a long-lasting, slow-releasing feeding process. Overall, it’s a great choice for pet parents who have dogs that spend a lot of time exploring the lawn.

Dr. Kirchner Natural Weed Killer

Are weeds taking over your driveway or patio? It can be time-consuming to remove them individually, but many weed killers are dangerous to pets who come into contact with them. This is why we love Dr. Kirchner Natural Weed Killer. It’s a biodegradable weed killer alternative that is made from four recognizable ingredients: Sodium chloride (salt), water, vinegar, and soap. It may be hard to believe that these four household ingredients could be as powerful as chemical weed killers, but its effectiveness was tested and confirmed by the University of Florida! It’s designed to eliminate more than 250 common weeds and grasses that grow up through cracks in bricks or concrete but should not be used on your lawn.

Scotts® EZ Seed® Dog Spot Repair Tall Fescue Lawns

Do you notice yellow spots in your lawn that appear after your dog has done their business? This is caused by the high concentration of nitrogen-containing compounds and salts that are found in dog urine. The concentration of these on your grass can cause it to burn, leaving the recognizable yellow patch. Fortunately, Scotts has a special salt neutralizer product that can minimize the effects of this salt and nitrogen overload. Their EZ Seed® Dog Spot Repair Tall Fescue Lawns contains renewable resources, is 99.9% biodegradable, and can be applied directly to any area where you want the grass to re-grow. There’s enough in one bottle to repair up to 100 spots, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it frequently.

Water N’ Play™ Pet Safe Lawn Fertilizer

With traditional lawn fertilizers, you have to wait a couple of days – or even up to a week – before the particles have been fully absorbed into the soil. What makes the Water N’ Play™ Pet Safe Lawn Fertilizer different is their Dispersing Granule Technology, which dissolves the fertilizer granules into millions of micro-particles when exposed to water. This stops fertilizer particles from sitting on the surface of the lawn as it’s quickly absorbed into the soil, making it completely pet safe, even though it’s a straight fertilizer.

Natria Neem Oil

Neem oil is a great all-natural alternative to chemical pesticides if you’re dealing with bugs in your plants. Made from oil extracted from the seeds of the tropical neem tree, Azadirachta indica, it works to kill and repel insects as well as to control certain fungal diseases. Natria’s Neem Oil comes in a convenient spray bottle for easy application and it is safe to use on indoor and outdoor plants. It’s also OMRI-listed for organic use, which means it’s also safe to use on any edible plants, fruits, or vegetables you’re growing.

Whether you have a sprawling lawn or a small plant-filled patio, we know that you spend a lot of the warmer months enjoying it with your pet. We hope that these products will help you keep it looking its best for months to come!


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