PointPet—Always Looking for a Better Solution

Matthew Mazi and his wife Nevenka watched their beloved dog, Tik, suffer from escalating pain in his joints. A diagnosis of arthritis had stolen Tik’s zest for life, breaking their hearts in the process. The Mazis knew there had to be a better solution for canine arthritis than anything that was currently on the market.

Research Revealed Product Drawbacks

After some exhaustive research, Matthew and Nevenka discovered that some hip and joint supplements, and hemp products, could give arthritic dogs relief — but they were often hard to administer and were unpalatable to dogs.

The couple also discovered a lot of low quality supplements that really weren’t helping dogs feel any better. They didn’t want other dogs and their families to go through what they did with Tik, so they decided to launch a business selling high quality supplements that were easy to administer — and that dogs actually liked.

A Better Idea

PointPet entered the market in 2016 with a hip and joint supplement for dogs, followed by a highly successful line of hemp products in 2017. This enabled the company to grow, improve, and expand their reach to dog parents all over the US.

Thanks to the growing popularity of their supplements, and ever-increasing numbers of satisfied customers, Matthew and Nevenka were able to welcome new employees to the PointPet family, which now consists of nine passionate animal lovers. PointPet’s product offerings have since expanded to target most common health concerns in our animal companions, with the latest addition being a line of natural vegan supplements.

Better System Produces Better Products

The company designs their formulas in-house and tries to bring something new to the industry with every new product. They pride themselves on using natural ingredients made in the US. Their soft chews boast natural flavor with no corn, soy or wheat ingredients, and are made without heat to preserve the potency of the ingredients. They are also manufactured without water, which is better for the environment and enables the products to stay fresher, longer, without artificial preservatives.

Many of PointPet’s products are aimed at relieving hip and joint issues, but they also offer supplements to help manage anxiety, allergies, stress, immune system and gut issues, as well as skin and coat health.

Our dogs and cats are much-loved companions and PointPet’s mission is to provide all animal parents with quality products that enrich their lives. Who would want anything less for our furry best friends?


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