Putting the Fun into Fundraising

The Dachshund is one of the 10 most popular dog breeds, according to the American Kennel Club, but sometimes they are not the best fit for a person’s lifestyle. This is where Dachshund Rescue NW in Spokane, Washington, comes in.

Dachshund: A half-a-dog high and a dog-and-a-half long. – H. L. Mencken

This group was founded in 1991 when creator Margo Mossburg saw that most of the hunting dogs were being euthanized by local animal control. Says Margo, “Folks do not realize that Dachshunds are the smallest hunting breed, bred to hunt badgers and wolverines underground so they can also hunt cats, birds, chickens and pocket pets. Many Dachshunds are sweet but still retain hunting and guard dog instincts and are not good fits for all homes.” Today, this completely volunteer-based rescue has over 100 volunteers, who have rescued over 2,500 dogs.


Time for Wiener Races

Who says being a rescue can’t be fun? While Margo and her team work hard to find homes for their dogs, they also plan fun and innovative yearly events in the Spokane area. One of their most popular and anticipated events is the Wiener Dog races with the Spokane Chiefs hockey team.

Every November the dogs take over the ice. Thirty Dachshunds race against each other for the glory of taking home the trophy, which has a Dachshund on top! This is a great way for game attendees to learn about the breed while showing off their playful side.

Diving for Wieners

Every summer, Dachshund Rescue NW hosts Wiener pool parties, a type of open house, at its farm facility. Typically, the facility has over 3,000 visitors, from adopters to party attendees. The highlight of the event is the “diving for hot dogs.” Doggie pools are set up, and dogs must find the hot dog pieces that are floating in the water. With the Dachshunds’ great hunting skills, it doesn’t take long for them to find all the treats.


Howls for the holidays

Finally, this Dachshund rescue knows how to party in style! The group hosts a Christmas Bash fundraiser at the local dog training club for which dogs and their owners arrive in festive attire and participate in dog races. The high point of the event is a howling contest for the loudest pup!

While the proceeds from these creative and innovative fundraising events allow Dachshund Rescue NW to rescue abandoned Dachshunds and find them loving homes, it also promotes the unique aspects of the breed in a fun way that has created a community of people passionate about the Dachshund.

For more info, visit: spokanewienerdogs.org.


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