SPACE KOTTY – the next generation of litterboxes

SPACE KOTTY – the next generation of litterboxes

This high-tech litterbox is designed to detect health issues in cats so that pet parents can address them before it’s too late.

Litterboxes have come a long way over the past decade. From basic plastic containers to self-cleaning robotic machines, they’ve exceeded the expectations of cat parents everywhere. But of course, despite how advanced they’ve become, there are a number of things that litterboxes can’t do. They can’t sing and dance, or detect health problems in our cats… or can they? Introducing SPACE KOTTY – the latest, most sophisticated litterbox yet. This miraculous device can’t sing or dance, but it can detect health problems in felines – a lifesaving feature that takes litterboxes to a whole new level.

How it works

A litterbox that warns you when your cat’s health seems too good to be true. But although the science behind this smart device is complex, how it works is quite simple. First, a built-in weight sensor connected to an app on your phone alerts you if your pet’s weight fluctuates – a common indicator of ill health. Live in a multi-cat household? Chip-based and RFID technology allows SPACE KOTTY to identify which furry member of your family climbs into the box. It monitors and reports her behavior (i.e. frequency and length of use), and all the data syncs directly to the mobile app, so her health status is right at your fingertips.

“In cats, urologic conditions and obesity are among the two most common concerns,” says Marek Kędzierski, co-owner of myKotty LLC. “SPACE KOTTY is not a medical device, but it indicates worrying symptoms, such as that a cat’s behavior or weight may be abnormal and that a visit to a vet should be scheduled.”

Early detection saves lives

Scheduling regular appointments with your veterinarian is a great way to identify if your cat has any health concerns. But even with a consistent healthcare routine in place, problems often aren’t caught until it’s too late to treat them. “According to veterinarians, early detection of health issues in cats is critical to improving outcomes and preventing potential chronic diseases,” says Marek. “Without monitoring a cat’s potty behavior, it’s very hard to tell whether she may have urological or other health problems, since cats have a high pain threshold and don’t show that something’s wrong until their condition is really severe.”

SPACE KOTTY’s alerting criteria is programmed not only to notice abnormalities, but to assess their severity. Engineers and veterinarians worked together to create a system that takes the guesswork out of the equation, alerting pet parents when it’s time to visit the clinic.

The litterbox of the future

Sleek, cat-friendly design

All cat caretakers know that a fancy litterbox is worthless if a cat refuses to use it. Knowing this, the team at myKotty created a spacious, feline-friendly design that can be used both as a closed and an open litterbox depending on the cat’s preferences. A vast improvement of the old-school litterbox design, SPACE KOTTY is also aesthetically pleasing, making it a beautiful addition to any home environment.

Technology that appeals to the senses

Tired of that appalling litterbox stench? A built-in odor eliminating system sterilizes SPACE KOTTY using a fan with a carbon filter, and the same UV lamps used in hospitals. Meanwhile, light and sound notifications alert you when abnormal activity is detected, so you can see – not smell – when something’s wrong with your furry friend.

Litter auto-ordering

“For the first time in the litterbox industry, SPACE KOTTY automatically re-orders litter when supplies are running low,” says Marek. “It does so by tracking unique litter inserts, which are each RFID tagged. The app keeps track of how many are used, how many are in stock, and predicts when it will finish. When the last litter insert is placed in the litterbox, the app re-orders SPACE KOTTY specific litter inserts – though regular litter can also be used.”

Health info at your fingertips

All the information monitored by this smart litterbox is saved in the app, which provides health statistics that you can browse and issues alerts when something’s going on with your cat. The app also includes a vet visit scheduler, disease history entries, history of vaccinations and upcoming surgeries or vaccinations.

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