The Benefits of Freshpet® Select Small Dog Recipes

While our small dogs often behave as though they are every bit as big as our larger companions, there comes a point where we must admit that there are many marked differences between them. Not only are toy and small breeds much physically smaller, but with this size difference also comes a difference in nutritional needs that undoubtedly influences what foods we should seek out for them. Until recently, however, there were not many products vying for the position of best small dog food on the market.

In light of creating more diverse options to match the diversity of our pets, Freshpet has devised a line of Freshpet Select Small Dog recipes, pet food specifically designed for small dogs that is more calorically dense to fit their nutritional requirements. In this article, we find out why Freshpet Select Small Dog is one of the best small dog food lines on the market and why our small dogs have different nutritional needs that are best met by a pet food tailored to them.

Why Do Small Dogs Have Different Nutritional Requirements?

food for small dogs

Starting from when they are puppies, small dogs typically have higher metabolic rates than dogs on the larger end of the spectrum, and this can have a profound effect on their recommended diet. Because of small dogs’ quick metabolism, they have higher energy requirements and energy needs per pound than larger dogs, and require a diet that contains higher levels of protein, calories, and fat as a result. Small dogs also have smaller stomach capacities, which can make getting the nutrients that they require more difficult, especially if they’re filling up on lower quality, filler-heavy kibbles.

Small dogs, as a result of their physiology, also have different health problems that can arise if their diets are not tuned to their specific needs. For example, small dogs are prone to obesity, and their small size means that even a few excess pounds can present a list of health ailments. Feeding small dogs a calorically dense pet food can ensure that your pet stays full and energized while decreasing the likelihood of them overeating. Also, since small dogs are more prone to blood sugar spikes and crashes, a grain-free option such as Freshpet Select Small Dog recipes can keep your pet from ingesting too many carbs and risk exacerbating the potential issue.

How are Freshpet Select Small Dog Rolls Different from Other Freshpet Products?

Freshpet Select Small Dog options are like other Freshpet products because we take an obsessive focus on the selected ingredients and their quality. Much like other Freshpet offerings, Freshpet Select Small Dog foods are made with all-natural ingredients, gently steam cooked just to the point where they are safe, tasty, and nutritious.

The main difference between Freshpet Select Small Dog foods and other Freshpet products are that this line was nutritionally developed for small dogs because of their higher energy requirement and energy needs. This means that they contain targeted levels of protein and fat to support the specific needs of our small dogs. Freshpet Select Small Dog foods have a multiprotein option, a mixture of chicken, beef, salmon and eggs that contains sweet potatoes that are antioxidant rich for smaller pups. High dietary levels of antioxidants are great for small breeds because it can prevent cell damage over their lives, which typically tend to be longer than that of large dog breeds.

Can I Feed This Product to My Puppy?

Our Multiprotein option contains the ingredients salmon and eggs, which naturally contain EPA and DHA’s that can help with a puppy’s development into a happy and healthy adult dog. Our Chicken & Turkey recipe, despite being one of the best small dog food options available, is not ideal for puppies (even if they are the size of a small or toy breed dog) as the formula does not have the EPA and DHA’s that are normally added to puppy recipes and formulas to help with their development into adults. Both recipes can be served as a full meal for adult dog maintenance as they are both complete and balanced nutritionally.


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