Tips to keep pets safe at home

Tips to keep pets safe at home

Are you spending more time at home with your pet post-pandemic? Here’s how to make sure it’s a safe and happy space for both of you!

One storyline that has been heartwarming to follow since the start of the pandemic is the increase in pet adoptions. Cats and dogs, whether they were welcomed as fosters or permanent family members brought joy, happiness and unconditional love during a dark time. And now, with people spending more time at home than before the pandemic, pets are enjoying extra walks and more snuggles! Here’s how pet parents can ensure that their home is not just a safe space for themselves, but also their pets!

Chewing hazards

Nothing is off limits to a dog looking to play or chew until they are adequately trained, which takes time and patience (more on that below). Until then, it is important to survey your space for any items that could be dangerous, like wires and electrical cords. Safely cover all cords, especially if introducing a puppy to the house, as they will be teething and go right for the wires.

If you have children, it’s important to remind them to put their stuff away because whatever is on the floor will ultimately end up in your pet’s mouth. Take time to make a plan and organize your house together as a family, so everyone knows where certain items belong. This will decrease the chances of items being left out for pets to chew on and eat, possibly making them sick.

All dogs should eventually go through training. It is important to set a date for training, so it does not keep getting pushed off, because dogs will continue to chew until they are trained. Training will also help curb other unwanted behaviors such as jumping on furniture, barking and having “accidents” on the floor. Training is not only key to safety at home but also on the road if you do plan on traveling with them eventually.

A big part of fostering positive animal behavior is making sure there’s plenty of play time and exercise for both dogs and cats. Cats often are assumed to be aloof but having lots of time to chase and pounce on safe, pet-approved toys will lead to more purrs! If you won’t be home to keep your pet engaged and active throughout the day, look into pet channels that play music to occupy pets in your absence.

Designate a space in the home for the pet

Just like humans, pets want a place to call their own. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a room, but a place where you can put a bed or carrier that is designated just for them. You can take a carrier with you when you need to leave the house with your fur babe, whether for a routine outing or an emergency, making transportation logistics easy and reducing stress!

This space can also be where they eat meals, but if you have more than one pet, make sure to separate their food dishes and feeding times as some may gobble up the other’s food, which can cause fighting and animal aggression.

In case of emergency 

No matter how much planning and prevention you do in your home to keep your pets safe, accidents do happen! It is important to have the phone number and location of a 24-hour urgent care veterinary hospital at the ready. Anytime someone else is with your pet, make sure they have the information as well. And again, if there is an emergency and you need to leave the house with your pet, you can transport them in their carrier that also doubles as their “safe space” in the home.

They say home is where the heart is, but it’s really where the pet is! By following these tips, you can create a loving, happy, safe space for your dog or cat no matter where you call home.


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