ZIWI Combines Top Quality Pet Nutrition with Convenience

Giving your dog or cat a healthy diet doesn’t have to be complicated, thanks to a company that blends high quality nutrition with the convenience of ready-to-serve food.

A healthy diet means a healthy dog or cat, and that’s what most of us want for our animal companions. But some people hesitate to step up their game when feeding their dogs and cats because they worry it’ll be too difficult or complicated. Not so, especially when it comes to companies like ZIWI, which makes top quality pet foods that are also simple and convenient.

New Way to Capture Raw Food Benefits

ZIWI’s story began 20 years ago in New Zealand’s Mount Maunganui, when company founder Peter Mitchell, a passionate free-range deer farmer, was supplying top quality meat to pet food companies around the world. “Peter was disappointed to discover that his pure and natural raw ingredients were being blended with inexpensive carbohydrates like grain and potatoes to form a less-nutritious, highly-processed kibble,” says Jessica Krueger, ZIWI’s Marketing Manager. “As a devoted pet guardian himself, he knew he could do better.”

That sparked an idea. What if he could combine the nutrition of a raw diet with the convenience of ready-serve dry food? So began Peter’s two-year journey of trial and error in a small test kitchen, developing a completely new way to capture the health benefits of a raw diet, naturally — a ready-to-serve food with no fillers, binders, or artificial additives. “Driven by his love for his own two dogs, Peter never compromised and eventually created ZIWI,” says Jessica.

Love and Respect for All Animals

“We’re all animal lovers here,” she adds. “And we believe that love and respect should extend to all animals, including those we farm and fish. We live by the Five Freedom Principles of animal welfare, and we only partner with farmers and fishermen who follow these strict, world-leading standards.” Within this framework, ZIWI provides top-notch nutrition, with each recipe matching the biological needs of cats or dogs, filled with ethical and sustainable raw meats from New Zealand. “We are Kaitiaki, guardians of the land, sea and its creatures — not just for today but for future generations,” Jessica explains.

Complete and Balanced

All the company’s air-dried pet food recipes are complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages. “We are well known for our simple, whole-prey recipes, which make the ZIWI Peak Original line a great choice for cats and dogs. Each recipe includes industry-leading amounts of meat, organs, bones, and seafood to reflect the whole-prey carnivore diet. Our added green mussel contains glucosamine and chondroitin for optimum joint mobility, while green tripe supports healthy digestion and increases palatability for even the pickiest eaters.”

With their dedication to quality and convenience, as well as animal welfare and sustainability, ZIWI offers a winning combination to dog and cat parents worldwide.


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