Our Annual Fresh Start Campaign is Turning Underdogs to Wunderdogs!

Freshpet is a proud believer in providing rescue pets with a fresh start in life. They deserve a chance to go from underdogs to Wunderdogs, with your help!

Rescue pets have the potential to become heroic companions to their future pet parents but are unfortunately being sent back to shelters at alarming rates. They need our help right now more than ever, which is why we created our annual Fresh Start campaign.

Nominate your favorite rescue organization for a chance to receive
a Fresh Start grant from Freshpet. Five Grand Prize winners in each region will
receive $12,000 and 10 runners up will each get $3,000. Freshpet loves our
underdogs, too!

Here are the important steps:

  1. Nominate your
    favorite rescue organization!

    From September 13 – September 19, we’ll be collecting nominations at Freshpet.com/Fresh-Start.
  2. Vote for the
    winner at Freshpet.com!
    Everyone gets to
    cast one vote per day starting September 22 until September 28.
  3. Winners are
    announced the week of October 4!

So, get started by clicking here and nominating your special rescue

Freshpet’s annual Fresh Start campaign is an important piece of the puzzle towards our ongoing mission to do good for Pets, People, and the Planet. This campaign highlights the importance of the human-animal bond by continuously supporting the underdog. Helping pets to live a happy, tail-wagging life has been our goal for the past 15 years. Alongside Fresh Start, we have supported several other charitable initiatives such as Bark For A Cure®, 4 Paws For Ability, and the National Forrest Foundation. Thank you for helping us continue the tradition of making a positive impact that our food continues to make on the lives of our beloved four-legged friends.


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