Cold Weather Pet Tips

welcome back the freezing temperatures we've seen are brutal on humans they're even worse on our pets so we need to work to keep them safe joining us now with some very helpful tips is monica schmidt from the houston humane society hi hi and this is Maxie she's our producer Frank's little puppy and she's from Houston you mean to fight oh yeah she's adopted for shelter so she's an amazing dog on many different levels she is okay so she's wearing a sweater yes she just keep her yeah it's freezing outside so if it's too cold for us it's usually too cold for our dogs sure they're not acclimated to this weather any more than we are so first and foremost I always tell people bring your pets inside that's the best tip we can give right if they can't get in the house at least in the garage or a laundry room something so they're out of the elements right and if you have a small dog like Maxie a short-haired dog or maybe a dog that's been freshly groomed throw a sweater on them or a t-shirt to help keep them warm so Monica tell us some some tips about you know if you have to take your dog outright to do their business my dog is a small dog she doesn't like going out when it great cold well we have a couple of options one you can try paper training this is a great time if you're trying to potty train a puppy to do puppy pads or newspaper and just do paper training and skip the whole out outdoors routine but if you have a geriatric senior dog if you have a very young puppy you want to keep them out of the element so you want to be going outside doing whatever business you need to do and getting back inside this isn't really the time that you need to be walking around the block spinning right you know miles outside with them it's just too cold sure and then talk about you know putting on these little accessories yeah so it's it's fairly easy most dogs are ok with it you have sweaters like this that are going to go over their head but it's great because they also make like these little flopper style that just velcro around their neck and around their belly so if your dog is a little a little weird about putting some right over their head you have options very good ok in the Houston Humane Society opened today yes the hours from 11 to 5:30 tons of animals available for adoption and it's all indoors so you'll be warm today and we we also have an adoptive pet section on our website at that you can check out let's check in now with meteorologist Eric breaks for a look at when these cold temperatures are gonna make their way out of Houston Eric well we are on the back end of things so

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