LIVE: Kittens with Sister Moms Angela and Shirley!

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UPDATE SEP 25: The cats have taken over.

UPDATE AUG 29: We trapped Pigpen and Peggy’s mama, along with Franklin’s two remaining siblings! Both mamas (Angela and PiggyMama), Pigpen and Peggy, and Franklin and his two siblings have been reunited while we figure out what’s next.

ANGELA’S STORY: Meet Angela, a gorgeous little panther from the Peanuts colony who will give birth for the last time any day now. Join the #KitttenWatch at

One of the more unexpected impacts of our work is the human lives we touch. We got a message a few days ago from a home health caregiver who has been helping a 46-year-old woman named Angela. Angela has MS, is quadriplegic and lives with constant pain. Recently she became very ill, and is now in hospice care.

Her wonderfully compassionate caregiver wanted us to know that watching TinyKitttens brought Angela joy while she was coping with the pain and the loss of her independence over the last year. We hope sharing her story and naming our Angela in her honor will help bring her joy and surround her with love during her hospice journey. We hope she will find some small comfort knowing she will be remembered with love by people all over the world who never got to meet her in person.

We know we can’t take away heartbreak and pain, but we do hope we can help find meaning and bring even the smallest comfort during the most difficult times. Angela matters to us. She is a part of our #TinyVillage, and we will be holding her, her caregivers and her family in our hearts.

The ONLY way to prevent unwanted kittens like these from suffering is to spay and neuter your pets, and to support Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts.


More about our rescue work:
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