5 New Dog Products to Snag This Summer

1. YuMOVE Hip & Joint Supplement
Is your dog slowing down or becoming less mobile? This triple-action supplement improves mobility within 6 weeks, money-back guaranteed. YuMOVE contains highest purity ingredients for all-around joint support. Available in small, medium and large dog sizes. For dogs with advanced joint conditions, ask your vet about YuMOVE ADVANCE 360. $13.50-$23 | YuMOVE; yumove.com

2. K9 Explorer Leash
The rugged durability combined with comfort makes this leash a favorite with outdoor adventurers. Features reflective braided fibers, a soft padded grip and a super durable snap, strength-tested to seven times the weight of the dog. Available in six bright colors. $22.99. | Coastal Pet Products, Inc.; coastalpet.com

3. Dope Dog CBD Calming Crunchies
Baked in small batches with simple, human-grade ingredients sourced in the USA, these treats are good for dogs with anxiety, pain, nausea and epilepsy. Comes in 6 mg and 3 mg CBD Peanut Butter, 3 mg CBD Sweet Potato and 3 mg CBD Asian Carp. Use promo code: Dogster for 20% off. $30 | Dope Dog; Dope.dog

4. Brutus On the Go
Why not hydrate and nourish your pet while on the go? Brutus Bone Broth is now available in a convenient 0.12-ounce portable powdered packet — just mix with 8 ounces of water. Each powdered stick contains four servings of human-grade bone broth, fortified with joint supplements and turmeric for inflammation. Comes in either chicken or beef flavor. A portion of proceeds helps animals. $2/1 packet; $5/3 packets; $15/10 packets (free shipping) | Brutus Broth; brutusbroth.com

5. Jiminy’s Cricket Cookies & Treats
Looking to give your dog an all-natural, sustainable and high-protein treat? Try crickets — a nutty-flavored superfood — to give your dog energy while helping the planet. Comes in four flavors: Original Recipe, Pumpkin & Carrot Recipe, Peanut Butter & Blueberry Recipe and Peas & Sweet Potato Recipe. Available in 5- to 6-ounce bags. $9.95. | Jiminy’s; jiminys.com


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