5 upsides of being a cat lady

The upsides of being a cat lady: 5 benefits of feline companionship

Do you consider yourself a cat lady? If so, you’re certainly not crazy! Here are just a few benefits of sharing your life with a feline companion.

From taking an endless number of photos of your cat to incorporating cat decor in your abode, the signs that you’re a “crazy” cat lady are pretty clear-cut. Yet, some pet parents aren’t so fast to flaunt their feline-loving sides for fear of the crazy cat lady stereotypes.

But why? Pets, no matter the type, help us cope. They alleviate loneliness and are our companions during times of personal loss and life changes, including those brought on by, say, a global pandemic that threw us all into quarantine-mode.

The truth is the days of the “crazy” cat lady archetype are long gone, with spinster-like assumptions replaced with positive qualities of being a cat person. There’s even a national holiday dedicated to cat lovers: National Cat Lady Day on April 19.

Ahead of that day, we felt it only fitting to shed light on the benefits of human-cat companionship to inspire even the shyest of cat parents to let their feline-loving flag fly.

1. Cats can make us bright 

While we love dogs and cats equally — and believe all pet parents are intelligent — some studies do posit that cat parents are indeed more intelligent than those who share their lives with canines. Other research has even shown that cat parents are more likely to have a college degree than dog parents.

2. Cats can improve our physical health

Believe it or not, some research provides that cat purrs have healing powers, as cat purrs have been linked to bone strengthening and also lessened chances of a heart attack. Other studies have also shown cat parents have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Cats can invoke trust

According to some sources, cat parents are also more trusting than non-pet parents. We can’t argue with this, as felines are pretty independent animals. And, as cat parents, we have to trust their instincts. If we didn’t, there might be a lot more mice and flies in our houses!

4. Cats can keep us less stressed and more rested

We’ve long known pet ownership can reduce stress, but did you know that even the act of petting a cat can reduce stress, according to some studies? Other research has provided that cats also promote a better night’s sleep — or even a better cat nap.

5. Cats can make us happy

By no surprise, if you’re less stressed, well-rested, and in good health, there’s a lot to be happy about. These benefits aside, some research has shown that simply watching cats can make us happier. Looks like there’s a reason we’re addicted to cat videos on YouTube after all.

All this to say, being a cat lady isn’t something to disguise. It’s something to embrace! The infographic below, courtesy of Honest Paws, highlights a few more benefits of human-cat companionship, plus some iconic cat ladies who’ve reaped a few of them.

an infographic detailing what it means to be a modern-day cat lady and famous cat ladies including Taylor Swift, Eleanor Abernathy, Jonathan Van Ness, Angela Martin, Martha Stewart, Catwoman, Elisabeth Moss, and Katy Perry


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