How Sourcing Can Impact Pet Nutrition & The Planet

How Sourcing Can Impact Pet Nutrition & The Planet – Follow Earth Animal’s Journey from Farm to Bowl

Wise pooch parents know that not all dog foods are created equal. Some are delicious, some are nutritious, some are neither. And some, albeit a rare handful, are both! The best dog foods are made by those that understand two critical things: the importance of BOTH excellent flavor and nutrition, and how the sourcing of ingredients can make a difference to both pets and the planet.

Like human diets, pet nutrition is significantly impacted by the origin of the chicken, beef, turkey, seafood, and more that goes into their bowls. One dog food brand that is an expert is this field is Earth Animal, makers of Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom® Air-Dried Dog Food.

Premium Sourcing Impacts Flavor, Quality, and Nutrition

Earth Animal knows that the source of each ingredient that goes into their recipes matters. To this end, they oversee every part of their Wisdom Air-Dried Dog Food supply chain to ensure their partners meet the following stringent sourcing standards:

1. Animal Welfare and Ingredient Quality

The journey that ingredients take from farm to Fido’s bowl can significantly affect their ultimate nutritional value. Consider this: when animals are raised in stressful conditions, their meat quality and flavor suffer. Think about the difference between free-range eggs and those from factory-farmed chickens. As the Cornucopia Institute reports, pasture-raised eggs are renowned for their superior taste and nutritional content.

Recognizing that animal welfare can directly impact the quality of ingredients in pet food, Earth Animal prioritizes sourcing from sustainably raised animals that live a healthy life. For all their recipes, the sardines are Marine Stewardship Counsel certified (MSC), the chicken and turkey used in their poultry recipes are G.A.P. certified, and the seafood used in their ‘From the Sea’ recipe features Ocean Wise Certified, wild-caught catfish, and MSC certified clams.

2. Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) Standards

Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) standards are a third-party auditing system designed to enhance the lives of farm animals and reduce stress through good management practices at all stages of their life cycle. Choosing products with G.A.P. certification proteins ensures that your pet’s food is ethically sourced.

With this in mind, Earth Animal uses:

  • G.A.P certified Step 3 Chicken and Step 1 Turkey in their poultry recipes
  • Fresh-caught OceanWise, Chain of Custody MSC, or MSC Certified seafood for their ‘From the Sea’ recipe.

3. U.S. Sourcing and High Standards

“Shop local” continues to gain traction in a world where we are ever more concerned about our carbon footprint and being kind to our planet.

By prioritizing ingredients sourced close to home, dog food producers are able to not only adhere to earth-friendly practices, they also position themselves to oversee every aspect of the supply chain to ensure that every ingredient is of the highest quality.

Earth Animal makes it a priority to source sustainable, carefully grown, and nurtured ingredients in the US. Sometimes the best quality ingredients come from other countries, or they are simply not available in the US. When this is the case, their suppliers still meet the same high standards.

Transparency From Farm to Bowl

The road from planet to pet plate is fraught with potential pitfalls. However, by choosing dog food that prioritizes ethical sourcing, pet parents can better navigate these challenges.

Look for brands like Earth Animal that offer 100% transparency about their ingredients, where they are from, and how they are prepared. This:

  1. Ensures that your pet’s food is nutritious, and
  2. Supports the welfare of animals and the sustainability of our planet.

Does your dog food match up to these wise choices? Make the switch to Earth Animal Wisdom Air-Dried dog food today. For the good of your dog, and all Earth Animals.

Make the switch to Earth Animal Wisdom Air-Dried dog food today. For the good of your dog, and all Earth Animals.

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