Impawssibly Elegant Dog Sculptures

Remarkably realistic and eminently cuddle-worthy, dog sculptures are created from silk flowers for event displays, weddings, home décor, pet memorials and gifts by Table Art Event & Designs. While Poodles, Bichon Frises, Malteses, Afghan Hounds, Spaniels and other long-haired breeds are perfect for the craft, the firm has done Labrador Retrievers, English Bulldogs and Great Danes as well.
After making a wire frame, “I decide which silk flower to use that best resembles the dog’s fur and how the piece should look,” such as roses for Poodles and baby’s breath for dreadlocked Bergamasco Shepherds, says owner Felicia C. Greenberg, who does custom commissions from photographs and reading breed standards.

Photos: Table Art Event & Designs

“The petals are placed on the sculpture one at a time, and it takes several days to get it just right.” Rhinestones, ribbons, feathers and fabrics often embellish her designs, since she loves shopping for antique and vintage items to make the creations unique. She’s done big, show-stopping tableaux of multiple life-sized dogs in a Victorian drawing room and a Parisian café, National Westminster Dog Show events where contest winners proudly posed with their breed replicas (it was hard to tell them apart), as well as small tree ornaments. Admire her pawsitively pawsome creations on Instagram and Facebook, or visit


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