Jasper — adventure instagram dog
All photos courtesy of Jon Sinclair, @sinclair_photo

Meet Jasper — an adventurous Instagram dog inspiring thousands of pet parents to #getoutside!

As with most rescue dogs, Jasper’s story began when a special human being walked into a local shelter. In this particular tale, the shelter was in Grande Prairie, Alberta, and the human was Jasper’s soon-to-be-Dad, Jon. Having recently moved to the area, Jon decided to pursue his lifelong dream of adopting a dog. He began making weekly visits to the SPCA and the moment he spotted Jasper, he knew he was “the one”.

Jon and Jasper’s “love at first sight” connection quickly turned into a lasting bond. The playful husky mix was only six months old when Jon brought him home, but he was incredibly well-behaved. “The moment I really saw him shine was when I took him on a little hike,” says Jon. “He pulled me the whole way and would always stop and allow me to take in the views.” As a landscape photographer, this was something Jon truly appreciated.

The duo fell into a pleasant routine over the next few years. As Jon focused on capturing their hiking trips with his camera, Jasper ran and romped, relishing in his new chance at life in the picturesque Canadian prairies. But eventually, Jon began pointing his lens at his happy-go-lucky pup, capturing his spirit in the foreground of those picturesque backdrops they loved so much. And to his surprise, Jasper ate it up. “Once he was in front of the camera, he became so aware and loves the spotlight,” says Jon.

At that point, Jon already had a well-established photography account on Instagram. He knew what worked well, and began to create a vision for what a page for Jasper would look like. He wanted to build something enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing that would inspire dog parents and photographers alike. Eventually, he brought his vision to life, launching @jaspywoof – an account that now has over 46K followers.

Jasper took well to his new role as a social media influencer, always happy to pose for his personal photographer. “He has the most patience I’ve seen in a dog, so it became more enjoyable taking photos of him and showing the world our adventures,” says Jon. Jasper stays at home when his humans are at work, but gets long evening walks to different parks around the city. The weekends are when the adventures happen, and their summers are full of road trips, camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Jon started taking Jasper on bigger hiking trips when the dog was around four years old. “Once I realized how much more he could handle, we added a bit more and he thrived,” he says. “Jasper has traveled with me around western Canada all the way up to Vancouver Island, as well as the western states. Our personal favorite was Bend, Oregon. We’re hoping to one day make our way back there.”

Despite his passion for adventure, Jasper is surprisingly snuggly. Whether he’s in a tent or on the couch, he loves to sprawl out and snooze. According to Jon, the sweet rescue is lovable and loyal, and has the ability to make anyone fall madly in love with him. Everyone except for his brother, Gus – a 14-year-old tabby cat who’d rather keep his distance. “All Jasper wants is to play with Gus, but Gus wants nothing to do with him,” says Jon. “Though I know they both like having each other around during the day when no one’s home.”

As Jasper continues his happy cycle of exploring and napping, his faithful fans continue to follow him in awe. Thanks to Jon’s stunning images, Jasper has become an inspiration to dog parents around the globe, motivating them to take their own canine companions on adventures whenever the opportunity arises. “We love to promote getting out and enjoying the outdoors,” says Jon. “It makes us all happiest when we get some mountain time in our week, and I know other people and dogs can benefit in the same way!”

Jasper’s Insta-fame has opened up several doors for him and Jon. He’s been featured online in several articles, in a calendar, and in advertisements. Some of these collaborations have included working with shelters, and donating food and adoption kits – something Jon is more than happy to support. “Adopting Jasper was life-changing,” he says. “He was a joy in my life when I needed it the most. It’s a true honor being Jasper’s person and I don’t know exactly where I would be had I not found him.”

To follow Jon and Jasper on their inspiring journey, find them on Instagram at instagram.com/jaspywoof.


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